The Smart Rangers in Sentai

Super Sentai had some of the smart rangers too and most of them are females. They are the ones who frequently help the others use their brains in combat to outsmart the toughest enemy.
Peggy Matsumaya/Momo (Pink) Ranger was the brains of the Gorangers. She mastered using finding enemy weaknesses.
Jun Kiyama/Denzi Yellow- He is the team scientist in Denziman.
Miki Monozono/Goggle Pink was typically the actress of the Goggle V team and the witty one too since she used her brain more than her brawn in battle.
The late Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1 was one to be an artist.
Jun Yabuki/Yellow 4 2 was more than a fighter, she was a brainy one too. She was the type to help find a solution to problems in the team.
Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five used most of her disguises to fool opponents or even find the toughest solutions. She relies more on stealth than strength.
Sara/Yellow Flash was the brains of the Flashman team. Her powers granted in Flash Star enhanced them too.
Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin- She is the top thinker of the Liveman team.
Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo was the wittiest of the Turboranger team being the only girl I assume. Hmmm Kimberly Hart reminds me too much of her.
Mei/Ptera Ranger of Zyuranger was the smart one of the team being the only girl I assume.
Lin/Houoranger in Dairanger was also the smart one of the team.
Tsurihime's/Ninja White's brains make her the acting leader of the Kakurangers despite her age.
Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer- She is the mechanical genius of the team, typical for women in Sentai.
Shun Namiki/Mega Blue- He is a grand departure from most male blue rangers in Super Sentai. In fact, I believe Toei made a Japanese version for Billy Cranston (to a lesser extent) after a long business relation with Saban Entertainment. However I wish the brains was still a woman since women do most of the thinking.
Yuuri of Timeranger is the brains of the group thus making her suitable for acting leader.
Okay Sion Hummardian may have had his emotional problems but I count him as a smart ranger being the technical worker of the group.
Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue- She is also the strategist of the group like Blue Dolphin in Liveman.
Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue of Dekaranger is their very brain when it comes to combat. He is the one who is the most skilled in infiltration tactics relying less on physical force. He was my personal favorite of them all as he behaves like most red rangers. True he was kind of arrogant for the first few episodes but he lightened up but still takes his duties seriously.
Sen Enari/Deka Green of Dekaranger has the "thinking pose" which he stands to think of deeper ideas. He and Hoji Tomasu get along as the "thinking team" (in contrast to Sky and Bridge in SPD) but he's not the obviously smart one.
Jasmine Reimon/Deka Yellow- Though she isn't really the top thinker, however she does come up with creative schemes that help Tetsu Aira (her later partner and possible love interest) think properly or pull Koume Kodou/Deka Pink out of the toughest situations.
Souta Megumi/Bouken Blue being a former spy is the wittiest of them all. He is able to gather most information than the rest. He knows how to fool the enemy out of battle too. Quite different from his Power Rangers counterpart that is portrayed as an idiot.
Okay maybe Sakura Nishihori isn't as intelligent as her partner/good friend Souta Megumi who teases her about Satoru Akashi/Deka Red occassionally but she's still a smart ranger. She knows military tactics and stealth modes.
Ran Uzaku- She is the brains of the Gekiranger team. She is the one who uses more wits than physical prowess in battle.
Renn Kosaka/Go-on Blue- He is the one who can gather information at extreme accuracy in Go-onger.
I think Genta Omimori/Shinken Gold may count. Why? Well to the comments, he made his own gadgets so that qualifies him.

Updated as of: December 20, 2010


  1. I think Urara from Magiranger is smart too. Also Ran from Gekiranger and Ren from Go-onger.

  2. Tsuruhime was the brains of the Kakuranger team because none of the boys was very bright ;) Blue Rangers are often the brains of the team - as well as the ones mentioned there's also GekiBlue, Go-on Blue, Blue Dolphin, Mega Blue ...

  3. Not sure, if he counts, but Hayate (Gingagreen) from Gingaman. If not, he's definitely the wise member of the team.

    I like this. I never really thought about the "brains" of each team throughout the franchise. Makes them seem like one big happy family! :)

  4. i think Genta (ShinkenGold)should belong in this group of smart rangers in Sentai.

    i don't know if there is any other rangers here that is self-made (do you know others? i want to know though). he made himself ShinkenGold to help Takeru and the Shinkenger. he created his own Mojikara, Denji Mojikara. he created Ebi Origami, DaiGoyou and the InrouMaru as well as help the formation of DaiKai ShikenOh and also the Samurai HaOh (without the Ebi Origami it will not be possible) which i think speaks volumes to his genius.

    possibly the smartest ranger of all time? that one is arguable since i don't know alot about past sentai. how about a separate blog entry for this if you think the idea is worthy enough? Shinkenger is not yet done though maybe we can still see more of Genta's works.

  5. smart people likerJune 4, 2010 at 2:39 AM

    I happen to be a liker of smart people since I fall in that category. Ever since I got older, I became inclined to brain the brawn.

    But you know, Sean? I'm a fan of Sky in S.P.D. because his personality is similar to mine. He's also like Hoji in that he takes his duties seriously just as I do to mine.

    But honestly, Sean, why would do you thinkt hat Hoji's a lot more tolerable than Sky? I read that Hoji never lightened up while Sky did. Would you like to be with someone who never lightens up? I sure wouldn't since I can loosen up in my own ways.

  6. @smart people liker- Hoji did lighten up eventually to Ban and if you saw the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie, you'll see Hoji was less prone to being arrogant. True Hoji was arrogant for the first few episodes until he saw he had his mistakes to cope up with in Dekaranger, especially when he screwed up against the enemy's plots.

  7. @Sean: I do agree with your comment about Hoji lightening up, but... I think this could all be avoided if you'd stop making snide/hateful remarks on the Power Ranger counterparts, no matter how much you hate'em, or how much you hate Bruce Kalish's seasons. Sometimes, mature men prefers not to say things out loud to avoid unnecessary conflict. I've read that one guy's harsh comment to you, and I would say that if you'd just keep your hatred to the PR seasons that you dislike, it could all be avoided. Just my two cents.

    By the way, Souta is Bouken Blue, not Deka Blue.

  8. i think the smartest and a genius ranger up till now is Umemori Genta/ShinkenGold..he's FTW

  9. Pretty sure Goushi was the smart one of the Zyurangers. At the very least, he was the only one who could read the ancient language.


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