When Pink Is Tough

Pink rangers were usually portrayed to be less tough and more witty and stereotypically a master of deception that usually does the thinking for the group. However some pink rangers were tougher and didn't have an unusual level of wits. Some of them were even less of the typical pink ranger such as:
Mai Tsubasa of Changeman is quite boyish for a pink ranger. She is tougher than her partner Sayaka Nagisa who was more of the brains of the group.
Lou of Flashman possesses incredible strength.
Momoko of Maskman was almost as good as a fighter as her partner Haruka. Haruka was both tougher and more witty than she was.
Rin of Dairanger wasn't exactly very gentle- she knew how to fight more. She was more than a pretty face.
Yuuri of Timeranger may be female but she serves as the acting leader of the Timerangers. She is shown while she is no lesbian, she has her rough edges too.
Sakura Nishihori of Boukenger was more gutsy than Natsuki Mamiya was... a departure from Sentai tradition. She is portrayed to be less witty with moderate knowledge in tactics unlike most pink rangers that relied a lot more on wits more than strength.
Mako Shiraishi of Shinkenger is actually the tougher female of the two. She is more action oriented and relies less on unusual wits.


  1. Mui, though not a Pink. Was someway shown like a Pink, if you look at her (civilian) belt it is pink. Mui was sorta tough.

    And thanks for linking my blog =D

  2. Yeah! Thanks for featuring my favorite senshi color!

  3. lou (pinkflash) is look more tough then her partner sara (yellowflash)

  4. How about Yuuri/TimePink? Wouldn't she be considered "tough" since she's the team leader?

  5. Are you implying that Mai, Momoko, Lin, Sakura, and Mako are lesbians?

  6. Not at all. They're just tougher than the average woman. As for me, I'm not very masculine but hey, I'm not gay either.


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