Some Weird Things in Sentai

Sentai has a lot of weird things too. I'd like to put them in this list:
Sparks fly off from enemies when they are hit by a heavy attack.

Many fight scenes can get too exaggerated. Just for example- Flashman's final duel between Red Flash and Kaura should have killed Red Flash too if it were real.

For some reason, the enemies explode violently rather than just lie down there dead. So I assume if you gave them the death penalty by beheading, there's no body left to bury.

None of the rangers really bother to destroy the monster-enlarging agent.

How does Japan survive having giant monster attacks one after the other?

Aliens that can speak the Earth language. Then again Japanese folklore has beings from other worlds.

Enemies get stabbed but usually no blood gushes out. Only Red Flash's and Kaura's final battle had some bleeding but Kaura bled paint. Yes the rangers were usually those who bled.

Some enemies are too thrifty with their monster deployment.


  1. Dude..That sparks things is like tradition Symbolic of both Sentai and Toku battle attacks that made realism and cool since 80s

  2. Another weird thing in sentai is that when a monster is killed, it explodes violently upon falling. I watch Sentai for about 5 years and never heard an in-show explanation for this weird phenomenon.
    I know its a tradition like the sparks, but its still weird.

  3. I did have an explanation typed up here, then I lost it, so I'll just post a link to where I have written up my theory/explanation on the matter.


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