Superficial Super Sentai Fans!

Sad but true as much as Super Sentai is a quality show, however there are also fans who are superficial as ever. Call me crazy but I've experienced such people and blended with them.  Here's a few marks of them:

They watch Super Sentai not because of the quality stories it shares but only because of the pretty girls that it has these days.  They would care less about a season without a hot chick and bash Power Rangers only because of the hotter girls in Super Sentai.  Talk about a good story gone unappreciated because of a hot chick in it ignoring the fact that being hot is but icing to the cake!  Surely I know PR Samurai isn't as good as Shinkenger but do expect to see those who watch it to admire Mako only.  Or talk about Go-onger fans who just watch it to drool at Saki and they call Power Rangers RPM as "horrible" because Summer doesn't match up to Saki in appearance.  Can they get any crazier?  Seriously this one kills the good credits of Power Rangers without mercy.

More of the music than the show- Okay I like good music but sometimes good music can be used in an otherwise horrible show get it?  Music again is more of the add-ons like the hot Sentai cast members!

Culturally close-minded- Okay no offense to this picture why I'm using Japanese but cultural close-mindedness exists in ANY race.  Bashing an American adaptation for being American is stupid rather than bashing it for its poor quality is a good example of that.

Any more characteristics?  Share your views!

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  1. I bash Power Rangers not because it's American but it's cheesy with poor acting and bad script. Help some Sentai Series hired Porn Actress to play villainess from Car Rangers to Go Go V!


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