What I Think of the Jetman Episodes by Naruhisa Arakawa

Naruhisa Arakawa had written a few episodes of Jetman himself as revealed by Fantasy Leader. They are Jetman episode 10, 19, 26, 28, 34 and 39.  Here's what I think of each episode, this is mostly opinion:

Episode 10- "Cupmen"

He demonstrates his ability to do crazy humor with Ako's episode with her ex-boyfriend.  I got to admit that this episode was just plain funny and teaches a moral lesson about aggressiveness and not to mention too much instant noodles can be bad for you in figurative ways.

Episode 19- "I Can See"

This is one of his darker chapters with the right blend of comedy.  Kaori's butler played a hilarious part in bringing Kaori back to shape.  This for me developed Kaori's character more than just her using her money to help the team or than just being a pilot to fit in.  I like the fact she actually overcame her fear of death remembering what she was... a Jetman,

Episode 26- "I'm A Primitive"

Perhaps a prefiguring of the next series Zyuranger or perhaps even Abaranger.  Raita was thrown into the cavemen era which however presented an even more primitive environment than Zyuranger's six warriors though no dinosaurs were shown in that episode.  The portal to the present seemed to be a foreshadow of Asuka's world having a portal to our world.  That's just my opinion so feel free to disagree with me.

Episode 28- "The Foundling Dimensional Beast"

Perhaps this was the episode that gave birth to the concept of Yatsudenwani for Abaranger- maybe not but that's just what I think and you can say I'm weird for thinking like that.  Dryer Jigen is a really funny guy.  This episode is what I'd call super funny since Naruhisa Arakawa did display a funny Vyram scene (even Radiguet turned funny for once) even if it was just a dream of the monster of the week.  Unlike most monsters who reformed, Dryer Jigen lived to tell the tale though he just appeared for one episode.

Episode 34- "Traitorous Ryu"

This is where I believe he got into the "shock value" because it seemed Ryu betrayed his team but he didn't.  I consider this episode to be where I was left speechless at such a plot twist.


  1. I am not a Herman fan but these episode are the best, the 2 parter that introduces Bird Garuda, the Neo Jetman story arc, and the final episode!

  2. I Meant Jetman fan. Sorry this keyboard has the most retarded thesarus format.


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