List of Some of My Favorite Super Sentai Fan Fics

I'd like to talk about my favorite Super Sentai fan fiction by other authors.  I specifically can't rank them but here's what I think of them:

"Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai" by Chris X- This is the making of what he'd call "not your usual Sentai".  Okay I got to admit that it may be slow in getting a new chapter but don't blame him, he has his life to live to earn his living as he juggles between work and hobby.  The story of Takeru Shiba being warped back into the past and teams up with Gai Yuki, Dai, Sayaka, Remi, Miki and Youhei against Radiguet's team of villains.  I personally find this story to be what I'd call "you meeting your childhood heroes" type of Sentai fan fiction.  Mako has finally appeared to join the team too.

"Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai: Another" by Chris X- The mirror to "Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai" as Takeru/Red Mask ends up in the future presumably at the same time Takeru Shiba ended up in the past.  So I wonder if he'll ever meet his older self here?  His new friends are Hoji, Sasuke, Chisato and Mei and later Mikoto and Mele join in.  This one seems to be more challenging because the main villain, Long, is an immortal five headed dragon and the heroes don't have the technique to curl him into a ball but they'll beat him eventually. I'm just getting seated for the Momoko chapters and can't wait to see how it'll turn out.  I personally will think this will get more thrilling.

"The Awaited Wedding" by sentaifanfive- Well what can I say?  It may just be a short fic but the fan shippers of Takeru and Mako got a story they'll love.  So I got to give credit to this one.

"Three Stories" by SoTiredBlah- This is a three parter that features Takeru x Mako, Chiaki x Kotoha and the rather funny GENTA X KAORU which some of my readers consider to be completely crack.

"A Bond of Heaven and Fire" by SoTiredBlah- Well a more detailed version of Takeru and Mako finally tying the knots.

Any of your stories you want me to read?  Please comment!


  1. You forgot about Dai in the first team.

    Plus the guest charas.

  2. hey if it's your type of fic (it's a wip) I have a power rangers and sentai fic up with some characters hopping diemnsions

  3. since you wrote so many Takeru x Mako ones done, read

    Veener its My Favourite TAKERUXMAKO story , abit of ChiakixKotoha its not set in a Sentai world so its amazing how she keeps the characters or character and she is amazing at describeing everything.


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