Rambling on the Upcoming Super Hero Taisen

Okay I got to admit this is old news which at first didn't excite me, my other fellow Bloggers have beat me to it but thanks to them anyway.  So here's what I'm currently thinking with what I'm seeing.  The trailer does remind me of the time when I was still a child and me and my fellow Tokusatsu fans would argue A LOT about to which is better- Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.  Now this might be the movie to answer it all.  I got to admit I enjoyed Kamen Rider as my imaginary friends, Kotaro Minami was a childhood hero side by side with Takeru/Red Mask.  Some Filipinos enjoyed watching Kamen Rider Black, Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman as children although they only saw through Fiveman and Jetman from start to finish.  Filipinos have enjoyed Ryuki, Blade and 555 on TV while still what no Sentai?  Okay now on with rambling on this otherwise neat idea!

So the storyline is pretty screwed up as Kamen Rider Decade leads Dai Shocker and Gokai Red leads the Dai Zangyack.  Then it happens that something (or most likely someone) screwed up the timeline in this crossover move.  Then again, I am ready to prepare to count it as "non-canon" like how Marvel vs. Capcom series do not coincide with their actual continuities and just made for fun.  Why I say screwed up is because Kamen Rider villains banded together with Decade and Super Sentai villains banded together with Gokai Red which seems to be "hey our franchise is better" type of battle.  So I guess this is all but an effort to stop fan wars though there will always be unfair haters and extreme favoritism between two franchises.  I just hope that my other readers will post their own early thoughts because I believe they have different opinions from mine. 


  1. I have a feeling the Riders and Sentai teams will join together towards the end to beat the main villain.


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