Lupinranger VS.Patranger Nombre 40: I Can't Stop Worrying

Bonjour my readers! Well I decided to simply focus more on Lupin vs. Pat episodes as of right now considering that there's other stuff that always catch my interest. Now it's time for le review of worrying too much!

Le episode starts with Kairi acting all suspicious which actually causes his friends to worry. They see him sneak out more often than not. This gives both Touma and Umika le right to worry about it. Just then a new Gangler known as Dugong Manatee to show up. He uses some smoke attack which would allow le two to worry too much!

What makes me think WTF Akatsuki Yamatoya is his tendency to well add really bad humor to good one. His humor is hit and miss. I did mention earlier how I did enjoy his Shinkenger episodes (especially the Mr. Brown episode) or maybe I could name that really funny episode where we had a dance groove. But in this case, it kinda got boring here since I wanted to see more of le Patrangers in action.

Noel shows up with Umika and Touma to investigate what's going on with Kairi's actions. This has them worrying which results to some rather weird scenes. Personally, I didn't find them funny especially where they imagine Kairi getting married, a divorce, him being broke though there's one scene where it's as if Michael Bay influenced it -- le scene where they imagine Touma explodes after overeating. So really, is Bay secretly giving Toei ideas?

Yup, this episode sort of tells us how worrying too much or too little is bad for you. I really love how you see le scene of Touma and Umika getting depowered. Hmmm maybe it's not such a boring episode when you get there's a lesson in there. I personally miss those days when Hirohisa Soda wrote a lot of lessons of le week in the 80s. 

What's nice to see both Super Lupin Red and Super Lupin-X use their battlizers together to defeat Dugong Manatee. This is another scene where Bay seems to be secretly directing Super Sentai again. Le use of CGI and explosions is just amazing!

As for le giant battle, I almost thought we were getting more Bandai merchandise. It turns out that it was a series of illusions and yup, one of le Lupin Kaiser combinations has a wrong combination. Le fourth one is using a Trigger Machine. TBH, I really do love le insane moments of Keiichiro when he got that Trigger Machine Crane and Trigger Machine Drill to save le others. A good mecha fight scene where CGI and stunt actors really cooperate in such a good way.

As it turns out, Kairi is secretly caring for a stray puppy. I admit, it almost looks like a wolf puppy if you ask me. It's pretty cute though. It turns out that le lady he was talking to was actually willing to adopt le white puppy.

Next week, it looks like we're getting deep into le Gangler's world. I was wondering though what new change can Toei implement with script writing? Some Super Sentai seasons tend to explore their enemy origins deeper while others don't. I hope Lupinranger vs. Patranger can give more background to le Ganglers too before le series inevitably ends!