Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 27: Le Dance Groove

This week is full of flamboyant humor. I've known the fact that some the best martial artists where also really good dancers (ex. Bruce Lee) while this episode fools people into joining into a martial arts dojo that teaches only aerobics? Well, aerobics is part of martial arts but that alone won't make you a martial artist. Note that this episode is written by Atatsuki Yamatoya -- take note he also wrote that really crazy episode in Shinkenger where Mr. Brown attempted to become a samurai!

Le beginning of le episode has a chicken monster like Byodor. I was wondering are we selling fried chicken here or what? He disappears and suddenly more hilarious hijinks happen!

Yup, a crazy fat old man appears forcing people into his dojo. Le next victim is none other than Touma. This gets even funnier with how things turn out to be.

So it turns out that Sakuya is le assistant mentor? He's assistant mentor all of a sudden? Le people at le police station discuss le absurdity. Policemen and others do learn a certain degree of martial arts for self-defense but becoming a mentor is not an easy thing. I always find this very laughable considering that Sakuya is such a naive idiot. I think he's probably le dumbest person among le Patrangers now!

This doesn't sit too well with Touma. Yup, I admit I can get as irritating as Sakuya with people. Yup, I'm a hyperactive chatterbox myself which makes me think that there are Toumas who can't stand my hyperactivity. Yet these Toumas somehow are helpful in balancing le world.

It turns out that le martial arts sensei is le Gangler named Byodor. Predictable? I think it is. Le whole martial arts dojo felt like a scam. Touma felt it. Le martial arts instructor orders a hypnotized Sakuya to send a bomb. It's a good thing that Touma (under le guise ofa  gentleman thief) reveals le plan and stops it. I just love how this Michael Bay-ish scene kicks on. Byodor survives le explosion like any cartoon character would. Quite interestingly, le Lupin Collection for le week looks like Zyusoken from Zyuranger!

Le giant monster battle is even sillier until Patren-2 gets overly enraged. Yup, le Patkaiser keeps dancing. Fortunately Kaiser-X intervenes and helps out le Patrangers. An enraged Patren-2 manages to take charge and destroy an enlarged Byodor. 

Le end of le episode is funny. So both Kairi and Umika capture le dancing bug. On le other hand, we have Touma wishing that we'd forget it. 

Next week -- Umika's father shows up! So we've seen Kairi's brother, Tsukasa's grandfather and now in the flesh -- Umika's father! I can't wait to see next week's episode. Advanced Happy Birthday to Umika!