Lupinranger VS. Patranger 39: Crevette Fritte

Bonjour my readers! I decided not to write anything during le last week because of no Super Hero Time. An interesting trivia is that December 21 of every year in France is Fried Shrimp Day though it's still a month away, isn't it? Anyway, back to discussion and it turns out that someone who we thought died two weeks ago is up and running!

Le episode has a bit of Noel doing some investigations on le criminal named Zamigo. Yup, le same ice eating freak who's appeared months ago, disappears and reappears every now and then. Keiichiro runs into Kairi. Is Keiichiro getting a lead or not of who le Lupinrangers are? Maybe not. Keiichiro is always playing le concerned citizen over Kairi but how will this work out when le former will discover le secret identity of le latter? 

This is where things get tight. Noel's investigations are now even leading to clues. He asks both Umika and Touma of whether or not they both know who Zamigo is. I don't blame Umika and Touma for actually denying that they do. He does figure it out later that it's because Zamigo is le one who took their loved ones away.

Surprise or not? It' turns out that Iselob Starfried wasn't dead after all! Can you imagine le shock? We saw him shatter before our eyes. Wait? This almost makes me think I'd be too shocked too if I were le Lupinrangers. His latest piece of le Lupin Collection allows telekinetic powers to be used. 

Meanwhile, there's a moment where Umika talks about her best friend who's supposedly dead. I was thinking did le loved ones of le Lupinrangers really die or like what happened to Iselob -- that they were merely transported somewhere else? I remembered back in le 80s when Voltron always "teleported someone dead away" while they were dead in the original Golion. Yet, didn't Super Hero Taisen (yes, that movie I'm glad is now gone) do that trick too? Right now, I wonder if the three loved ones aren't dead -- what does Zamigo want with them anyway? But right now -- I'd rather assume that they're dead!

Lupin Red gets a new Battlizer and becomes Super Lupin Red. I was expecting Zamigo to be destroyed in this episode but no -- he comes out pretty out alive and well. Zamigo literally turns Islob Starfryed into well fried shrimp! Zamigo teleports Islob right in front of him and he escapes. Super Lupin Red's blast kills Starfryed instead. 

For a bit of a pun, I did enjoy this mecha with some modern technology. Perhaps, this also shows me le problem of old school Super Sentai and weaker CGI. This is obviously where CGI flames are used. It would be too risky if a suit actor were working with real flames for the surroundings. What's missing though is a CGI frying plan.

It turns out that Victory Lupin Kaiser has a flight mode too. Surprised? Not really. Though I do feel it's somewhat still "too random" when this happened -- just like when Time Gamma was introduced in Case File 5 of Timeranger or when Great Ikarus in Jetman turned out to have a flight mode too. Random? Maybe yes, maybe no but you know Bandai merchandise is very important, right?

What makes me even more interested is that Keiichiro is somehow having his doubts. For someone who's bullheaded -- he does display a certain degree of thinking power! He can't get his head out of le scene where Super Lupin Red is unusually passionate back in battle. I even wonder how will he react when le show's plot unfolds even more?

Next week should be an interesting episode. I wonder what's going on with why Keiichiro is now le target of a bombing?