Luka's Focus Episode

It can't be denied that Luka was the focus of episode six. Actually it's a pretty funny episode too.

In this episode, Luka decides to disguise as a maid in hopes of getting some jewelry from a rich old man.  After all, she HAS her clepto issues after all.

Added is that, she was able to to turn into Gogo Yellow.  Okay so we remember that in Lightspeed Rescue, the yellow ranger was a female, not a male but was originally male.  Hmmm is Luka doing tribute to Power Rangers?

She does get jewelry after all.  She needs to be taught a lesson!


  1. Another excellent ep from Gokaiger. ^__^

    And no, Luka isn't doing a PR tribute.

  2. Hey, she's a pirate. She can't help it if she steals a nice piece of jewelery here or there. What I like about this sentai is that they are (well, red, blue and yellow) are anti-heroes. So they aren't self-righteous boy scouts. Looks like we have Captain Gai, non-flirty guy with a sword, and girl Gai. Oh, and a cowardly smart guy and a sweet princess. Would have loved her to transform into Big One though, and do the JAKQ cannon attack.

    I'm going to review it on my blog as soon as the subs come out.

  3. Definitely another good quality episode. This series keeps getting better and better. I'm anxious for the subs, and to learn more. The only thing that is killing me is having to wait a full week for the episodes to come out, where as most other Sentais I can watch as many episodes as I want at a time.


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