Sentai Male Rangers I Find Underrated

So here's a bit of those I really find underrated by fans and well, I do like them most.  So here they are:

Kou/Kibaranger- As said, it came from the non-Japanese fans and I just hate it whenever they bash him (or in extension Justin) for their age.  I think a child fighting like the rest is bad-ass.  So again, ENOUGH OF THE JUSTIN DISGRACING TOMMY COMMENT!  Well if anybody drops Dairanger because of him, I tell them they are MISSING such a wonderful and awesome series that's filled with cracktastic goodness from beginning to end!

Riki/Kingranger- Again I believe those who underrate him are the Power Rangers Zeo fans because of... again his age!  Unlike Trey of Triforia, he's biologically young.  I don't see ANYTHING wrong with that!  So I could care less if he's NOT as bad-ass as Jason was as Gold Ranger but, he is STILL bad-ass for me.

Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold- It's really sad that Genta should be bashed just like that because compared to the other Shinkengers, he's wacky.  IMO he's even more hyper than Gem and Gemma combined and is more prone to childish behavior than the two.  Often overlooked is that he's a creative genius and that he brought in the Lobster Origami which was one amazing mecha.  


  1. What's funny is that Riki is biologically the same age as Sae (Gaowhite) and Kaoru Shiba. Yet, fans don't have issues with their age. xD

  2. i agree, genta was a great character, he was hyper like gem and gemma, but he want annoying he was a funny character who affected it greatly.

  3. Sometimes Genta Umemori was really overacting, hehe.
    By the way, I agree that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 has nothing better than dairanger, but Tommy is cooler than Kou and the ranger custom has a huge shoulder, so it looks suit for Tommy

  4. I thought Riki was a way stronger character and much more intimidating then Jason !!!


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