Sentai's Female Rangers Who I Find Underrated

If there are overrated ones, there are also underrated ones.  Here are who I find to be underrated and they are arranged by appearance:

Jun Yabuki/Yellow 4 2- Some fans tend to bash her not to be as great as her predecessor the late Mika Koizumi.  Well it can be understood because Mika Koizumi was abruptly killed so she can take over as Yuki Yajima left over payroll issues I think.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- I find it sad that some people have really underrated her and I think it has to be with her age or they like Kaori Rokumeikan better.  But she was my crush during the time I watched Jetman so I overrate her a lot.

Mei/Pteraranger- I also do find her underrated especially among PR/Sentai fans.  My opinion is she is underrated maybe because of Kimberly and Lin.  That's just my opinion.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow- I think the presence of Mako Shiraishi tends to overshadow her.  Plus, it took her a long time to go super.

Kaoru Shiba/True Shinken Red- Perhaps another one underrated or perhaps the most underrated.  It's pretty much something that some people didn't receive her welll or considered her a last minute addition.  But I sort of liked her and don't like the fact she got underrated.


  1. .... Really? That's all? I think I have different opinion.

    Miki Momozono (Goggle Pink), Rei Tachibana (Dyna Pink), Sayaka Nagisa (Change Mermaid), Lou (Pink Flash), Haruna Morikawa (Pink Turbo), Kazumi Hoshikawa (Five Pink), Mei (Ptera Ranger), Momo Maruo (Oh Pink), Chisato Jougasaki (Mega Yellow), Saya (Ginga Pink), etcetera etcetera... I think it'll be easier to list which is overrated, but you took care of that by the next post anyway. Still, inspirational post, Sean!

    And compared to Kaori, Ako looks more overrated.

  2. I think some people don't like a replacement of any member in a task force and I'm one of them. So I think that's a cause why Jun Yabuki was underrated.
    But it is still not a big problem with me if the second female is more beautiful than the first one, like Crone and Kendrix in P.R. Lost Galaxy, hehe

  3. The only one I don't find underrated is Kotoha. She's pretty popular among Sentai and Shinkenger fans. Sometimes for just her kawaiiness instead of her character, but she's one of the most well developed "kawaiiko's" in Sentai, IMO.


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