Sentai's Male Rangers Who I Find Overrated

I think there are PLENTY here worth to mention of who are actually kind of overrated and I'll tackle them by appearance:

Banba Souikichi/Big One- He's the Sentai franchise' official mascot... duh.  Also, he's one amazing dude.  Fans tend to really praise him more than he deserves especially his appearance in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  He like Tommy is much overrated and I love them both.

Takeru/Red Mask- He remains a fan favorite probably being the first red ranger to be extremely hot blooded.  Plus, nobody can deny the fact the mastery of the godhand technique makes him really well... bad-ass!  I for one have given him too much credit than he deserves like, well, he's the only character in Maskman I really liked.  As for the rest, nah.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo- Perhaps he's the most ridiculously powerful red ranger of all.  He was kind of like a "component of Tommy" IMO.  Nobody can deny that he's defeated Zimba, Rehda and Ragorn in battle or that his battle with Ragorn was just AWESOME.  Like Tommy, I think he's achieved the legendary status because of all the amazing powers he's shown.  Somehow, I think he should be Sentai's mascot.

Gai Yuuki/Black Condor- I found out how more people like this hotblood rebel more than they ever liked Ryu Tendo my personal favorite.  I don't wonder why as he's the most bad-ass Jetman member of all and he's got most of the cool moves plus he's the only one who was able to defeat a Vyram singlehandedly.  So overrated that his being mugged was considered a bummer and that Jeff Kensaki of the Manga epilogue was bashed.  Actually I think his existence brought forth the creation of Masumi Inou in Boukenger who I think IMO wasn't overrated like he was.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- He's the first official sixth member and he kicks ass.  Well yeah, he's Tommy's first Sentai counterpart but he's more powerful and hot-blooded than Tommy.  He was memorable compared to the rest of the Zyurangers to the point that his death scarred many non-Japanese fans too- sigh Burai's death brought tears to my eyes as well, he was my favorite from the six.  However he didn't hook up with Mei (she and Geki are a better match) which just will never work- crack plus he was going to die anyway. :-(

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- I think he makes it to the list.  Why?  First, he's incredibly bad-ass and perhaps the fact he bears the name "Takeru" may also appeal to Maskman fans.  Another, he seems to be like the 80s red rangers which most red rangers today aren't IMO.  And not only that, when Kaoru arrived, he's got a good amount of fans who disliked Kaoru (but I'm not one of them).
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  1. No offense Sean, but this post is kind of vague compared to your overrated females post.

    When a character is "overrated," it's when they're given more credit than they deserve to have. Overrated and popular are not the same things. Like, some very popular characters could be very deserving of all the credit they get.

    I don't really feel like you gave any reasons as to why any of these guys are overrated in your opinion. For Big One, you only said it's because he's a popular character. But it should be more than that, right?

    Burai, I feel like you spent more time comparing him and Mei to Tommy and Kimberly, rather than detailing why you think fans or even yourself tend to give Burai "too much" credit.

    I hope that helps. Your previous two posts were excellent. ;)

  2. how feel burai aint overated i feel he is underated


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