Mixed Emotions on Gokaiger Episode 5

I would like to present my mixed feelings over Gokaiger 5 (and sadly many of my Shinkenger reviews were erased because I had to rely on Youtube videos back then :-( ). Images once again courtesy of ThatChick. On the other hand, I hope my prayers to the Master for Japan's recovery will be answered.

I really had a LOT of mixed emotions. I'd like to sort out the good and the bad sides.

The good:

There was plenty of action for Captain Marvelous. As usual, I usually like a red ranger that's fiery over the typical leader.

There was a good imitation of Gokaiger. Well Luka seems to be a skilled martial artist and she can kick me butt anytime! She and Remi of Fiveman should have a drunken fist match!

The use of the Dekaranger suits... wow! Well Luka as Deka Yellow doubles the hotness!

Doggie Kruger's appearance... IMO the most bad-ass Sentai commander of all time.

The bad:

I only got to see Jasmine for a short while. Boo hoo. She was really gorgeous here.

Also, Ban one of my favorite red rangers of all time also had a very short part. Too bad Jasmine never showed up for the end. :-(


  1. Sounds like you loved the ep way more than feeling mixed about it.

    I know Jasmine and Ban had short appearances, but hey, look on the bright side. At least they made an appearance! =) The episode was excellent and I loved every bit of it. I think the Dekarangers were handled fine. I think the key thing is to make sure the returning actors and the Gokaigers don't overshadow each other. And so far, the show has been great with it.

  2. @Fantasy Leader- I am still thinking of a good way to start and end the Jetman arc in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


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