Kyuranger 35: Jark Matter's Got Talent

Once again, thanks to Nihon Hero for most of my images used here. 

This episode is pretty much entertaining. While I do find Kamen Rider Build's most recent episode kind of slow (all the while I still prefer new school Kamen Rider over new school Super Sentai even if I watch both) but this one is kind of entertaining for me. So what's the big deal? 

A new infiltration job happens at the broadcasting station of Jark Matter. Yes, we see that Hammy, Spada, Naga, Tsurugi and Lucky decide to infiltrate Jark Matter's talent agency. Is it me or are Super Sentai villains usually stupid? I mean, it's obvious that these are the Kyurangers in disguise yet they get deceived like typical cartoon villains. The Indavers are THAT stupid not to see through the very obvious disguises. Man, you can't get good help these days from the villain manpower services can you? 

We learn a bit of an alien singer known as Hoshi Minato. We can see that Hammy's past was she escaped from her planet in the Chameleon System. She met the lone singer Hoshi by chance and she was motivated to move forward. She suspects that he's under the control of Jark Matter. 

We see this lady of a talent manager who's also a bitchy person. Hoshi has some weird doll which has something to do with the plot. She's been calling the shots and she seems to be the Universe' number one host. But who is she? Like Kris Aquino this lady calls the shots and is a big shot in the Jark Matter TV station. It's no surprise Jark Matter has taken over the airwaves and they're broadcasting fake news. Who knows they may even be telling everyone that the Kyurangers are evil and Don Armage is good. 

It gets emotional after Hammy sings the very first song she's heard from Hoshi. She tries to reach out to him. She's a rejected talent. They soon discover that the pretty talent manager lady is Akyanba in human disguise. This results to revealing that Don Armage has controlled Hoshi as a distraction. The studio also has a lot of children watching the show because children are so easy to brainwash. I hope one episode would have Hammy stand out in a talent show making Jark Matter get outraged. I felt the whole scenario of Gerphil Flores' rejection at Pinas Got Talent when Hammy got rejected. It turns out that the talent manager is actually Akyanba.

The final showdown between Naga and Akyanba happens. I think it's no great loss to see Akyanba die or is it? I remembered feeling frustrated when Madoka and Ikagen died. But I wonder how in the world did Akyanba even become a Vice-Shogun? She does look like she's more of a hostess than anything. I even want to pretend she's actually Don Armage's younger sister and she hosts a TV show known as Akyanba TV. If Akyanba TV did exist in Kyuranger's continuity then good news - it got cancelled for good.

Meanwhile, what's surprising OR not is that Don Armage isn't destroyed yet. After he's beaten, he reveals there's more of him or that he will always return. I have a feeling that the skeleton form we see is nothing more than a decoy. I guess like Grand Lord Crisis in Kamen Rider Black RX or Demon King Psycho in Sharivan - he's got the ability to use host bodies. Grand Lord Crisis used Tasmader as an extension of himself and Demon King Psycho used Psychorror as an extension of himself. It looks like Don Armage is using several host bodies or like Sigma in Megaman X he refuses to die so easily.

Next week the Kyurangers are traveling to the Planet Russ. Hopefully, this will help us understand why Lucky's personality became like that. We would learn why Lucky flew away from that planet. I just hope this will add something new and fresh to the series.