Kyuranger 34: The Mysterious Wrester Is...?

This episode presents the mysterious Masked Wrestler. I find this to be a not-so-good episode made up with some badass CGI and action scenes. Let's get started shall we? Once again, thanks to Nihon Hero for providing some of my pictures for weekly Kyuranger reviews. But again, if you want updates on Kyuranger toys just read Ukiyaseed, Nihon Hero and JEFusion for more information.

Kukuruga returns with a monster version of Champ. As the fight happens, a mysterious masked wrestler appears. Why does he have the power of a Kyuranger? Did the time shift happen so badly? I find everyone confused yet some things are too predictable at times. Then again, some things are not so predictable either!

Stinger believes that this masked wrestler is actually Champ. But this masked wrestler is in denial one way or another. We see a bit more of Champ's and Dr. Anton's past.

So it's proven that Dr. Anton is a scientist for Jark Matter. Why Scorpio killed him is still unknown. It's possible that Dr. Anton is a defector from Jark Matter so he was killed or Scorpio had personal agendas. I hope later episodes can develop this plot even further.

Predictable or not... the mysterious wrestler is REALLY Champ. I saw it coming. I just thought Champ's identity changed as a result of the time shift. Right now, he has the problem of going berserk and I hope the Kyurangers will find a way to fix it.

Previously, Kukuruga has been absorbing single attacks. The solution was to overload the absorption device. I was hoping they would attack at different directions. At this point, Kukuruga gets destroyed by the Kyurangers.

For the first time, we see all four mecha in battle against Kukuruga and the fake Champ.

They also unleash this new technique using the combined lasers. This creates a giant cannon which reminds me of the Vavilos from Shaider. Speaking of which, didn't the Dekarangers do this once with the Dekawing Robo? It's a lot of good memories from so many years back.

So we learn where Don Armage is though I suspect this is another trap. It's possible that Don Armage has prepared a trap for them. Next week's episode will look pretty intense as there may be more than meets the eye in dealing with the Universe' biggest tyrant.

Next week, Hammy auditions to be an idol. Also, Don Armage will engage them in personal combat yet again. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I hope Don Armage doesn't get wasted by executive meddling or bad writing because she's one badass f***ing evil villain!