Kyuranger 36: Space Balls Lucky?

This week takes us a bit of Lucky's heritage. There's some theories going on and some Star Wars mixing here and there which Lucky seems to borrow some stuff from the original Star Wars Trilogy. Let's get started shall we?

There's a bit of new revolution as Minati wakes up from his control under Don Armage. At the same time, the Kyurangers theorize that they were fighting decoys under Don Armage's control. Is Don Armage producing clones of himself that he could operate all at once? Is he some kind of malevolent spirit? Heck, I even have a feeling Don Armage is hiding somewhere and what we see isn't his real form.

We go to the Planet Luth of the Leo Minor System. Going down, I even think that this gets shades of Star Wars except it's not a desert planet. Here's what happens.

We discover that Lucky was raised by this old man he calls gramps. He wants to know about his father and what happened. I guess Lucky was too young to remember his heritage. We see a flashback that he wasn't allowed to know everything just yet until the time came.

Later, we discover that he's the prince of Planet Cayenne which is a spicy pepper. I find it funny that his planet is named after a spicy pepper. We discover his father is King Aslan. Did the writers watch Narnia or is it just a coincidence? Right now I'm getting a bit of Space Balls here. Lucky's an idiot hero and so was Space Balls' main hero Lone Star. Both Lucky and Lone Star are princes of some planet devastated by the galactic dictatorship.

Speaking of which, I think the monster of the week is a homage to Krang or the Utrons in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unjet drives a mechanical robot body and he seeks to control the Leo Caesar which I believe was just made to sell toys.

A new combination is born though I don't find it much cooler than the previous ones. I guess Bandai wants to sell more toys in here. I have to admit, cool shoulder cannon you have there!

Meanwhile, one of the deceased shoguns is now activated. Kukuruga is restored as a cyborg. Is Professor Anton now a cyborg as well? Who is this professor talking to him? It could be Professor Anton or it could be some new villain.

Next week, there won't be any Kyuranger so I could at least take a break. Regular broadcast will return one Sunday after next week so I may not post anything until the next Kyuranger episode. I wonder how will this Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker type confrontation turn out?