Kyuranger 33: Come Forward New Battleship And Robot

Last week's episode bridged a plot similar to Kamen Rider Black RX's episode with the Orion. We all saw the previous battleship destroyed and now it's time for a new battleship. The timeline has changed for better or for worse. 

Eris way back from Space 19 and Space 23 returns for this episode. She reveals that history has changed with Shou Ronpou continuing the legend in the past. This also reveals an underground passage.

The latest monster is Twister who can twist personalities. He twists the personalities of Hammy, Balance and Spada to have different personalities. Lucky was later able to use reverse psychology to snap them back into action.

We see it in the underground passage yet they still have no means to activate this new battleship. What's surprising is not is...

Shou Ronpou returns through freeze compress in the past. Things change for better or for worse. We still have the same happy-go-lucky commander we know from the past.  He returns but the Kyurangers still haven't found the new Orion Kyuglobe.

It's interesting to see Lucky interact with his ancestor one last time before the actor receives his flowers. We see the power of Orion's club in the past is used in the present to unleash the new battleship which doubles as a robot.

I thought that Orion Battler would be a humongous mecha like Dekabase Robo but my expectations are wrong. I could also raise another issue with Super Sentai logic. Many times, we've seen mecha transform without crushing the heroes or villains inside it. We've seen mecha split into two yet we don't see the pilot fall out of it. I guess we can't have Super Sentai without logically impossible moments can we? What's even funnier is the Kyu Globe location. So why did Orion in the past even think of putting the cockpit on the shoulder?!

We see that Champ got captured which will create the plot of the next episode.

 Next week would be Champ's return but who is the other mysterious robot? I can't wait to find out.