Lunar Bases In Super Sentai And Kamen Rider

Since it's #MoonFestival2017 I decided to write about moon bases that were used by both heroes and villains. Here goes nothing and here's as far as I can remember so I may have missed a lot. =P

The Bandora Palace

Bandora herself decided to have her palace located at the moon since it's just a barren wasteland. I guess her stay in Planet Nemesis with her followers may have also affected her mindset. This was originally built on Earth during Bandora's initial attack.

The Baranoia Palace

It was built on the moon some time ago though it became active in the year 1999 in Ohranger's continuity. The machines were exiled away from Earth to the moon millions of years ago. Baranoia built its base on the moon where it hopes to organize its invasion forces. Later, the Baranoia moved to Earth after their near victory before the final battle. What happened to it is unknown.

INET Moon Base

This didn't always appear in Megaranger until episode 32. From episodes 1 to 31, everyone used the Galaxy Mega in its spaceship form. It was later badly damaged by a mutated Gurail. This became the new base of operations of the Megarangers where the Mega Voyager was stored. Later, Dr. Hinelar would destroy this base in the final battle.

Rabbit Hatch

Kamen Rider Fourze provided the technology to teleport from school to the moon. It was established by Kengo Utahoshi's father before the show started. The Kamen Rider Club would have their meetings in this place. The class adviser Ohsugi-sensei discovered this place but kept it a secret. The Horoscopes would later destroy this place in the finale arc.