Kyuranger 17: To Attack An Unseen Enemy With Unfair Labor Practices

This week's Kyuranger involves liberating another part of Earth. One part of Earth is stuck with a 22 hour sunlight depriving people of badly needed sleep. Worse, they have to confront an invisible enemy. How can the Kyurangers defeat it?

One part of Earth is basically called an oppressor's paradise. The Malistrate forces its residents to work beyond eight hours and makes them lack sleep. It's literally a slave-driving culture which destroys efficiency. I guess this episode shows us how tyrannical governments become inefficient.

The enemy remains invisible for most of the time and emerges through shadows. What's surprising (or not) is that he resembles Baron Nero from ToQGer. Tribute to Shadow Line anyone? SO I wonder why didn't the Shadow Line think of overworking any area they captured in ToQGer? I thought that this new tricky Malistrate sure knew how to use shadows to his advantage. At the same time, he's really that much of a thin-skinned, thick-faced moron who attacks the Kyurangers every time they talk bad about him. 

Since the dome causes a disruption of signals then it's only normal to find some crazy plan. Commander Shou Ronpou delivers the Shining Kyu Globe himself. It's funny to see the plan go awkward but it worked. That's a good commander for you even if he's silly. 

This reveals two sides of the coin. The first one harnesses the powers of the sun which creates a rather crazy attack. One truly badass moment is to use Balance to destroy a Consumarz Tower in this episode. Talk about how crazy ideas can work themselves out.

Garu's powers somehow get enhanced by the moon power of the Shining Kyu Globe. I wish future episodes will find a way to improvise this.

Meanwhile, I'd like this storyline of Scorpio planning to the over the Space Shogunate get elaborated. So how will Scorpio create conflict? Will Don Armage figure out that Scorpio has ulterior motives? I hope we can see Don Armage interact with the show a little more. I also want to see how Stinger can cope up with the guilt that resulted to Champ's defeat.

Next week will be a crossover episode. But honestly, isn't Dekaranger getting milked too much with Ten Years After and the upcoming Dekaranger vs. Gavan? I admit, I do like Dekaranger and I still like it but it's best not to over-milk it because it's getting old. On the other hand, I also want to have Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa Kadoya show up for one to two episodes.


  1. Listen me out i think there is a explanation for this Malistrate's plan being evil because if something like that were to happen in real life where it was either day or night all the time, or they were switched, it actually could lead to some rather serious complications because your brain is adjusted to sleeping at certain times and in certain conditions, so it's actually not that terrible of a plan if you actually know what you're talking about. A lot of people, including myself, have difficulties even switching between shifts because it can screw up your sleep schedule so badly. When I made the move from first shift to third I had trouble sleeping properly for a couple of weeks and got pretty sick as a result.


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