Kyuranger 18: It's Another Universe After All?!

Sorry for the delay! This isn't the first time it happened is it? Let's get down to business and discuss about this crazy, rushed crossover. My slight beef is that where in the world is Kenji Ohba? Maybe he's decided not to appear for personal reasons but it's still a great episode. Anyway, new school Gavan, Geki Jumonji is still keeping his job proving himself to be the true successor and not stupid Zaidorks. Speaking of which didn't he also appear for two episodes on Go-Busters? Hmmm... the mind boggles how many universes do exist in Toei's Tokusatsu genres anyway?! 

Weird science is always part of Tokusatsu isn't it? I still remember some comics and shows as a child. I could remember the repetitive narrative in Gavan that says that the Makuu Space is similar to a Black Hole. Somehow black holes in some science fiction series tend to be a portal to another universe in some way. They are seen chasing Madoka who stole the Pyxis Kyutama which leads to a series of hilarious events. A huge misunderstanding is only natural especially you've been rammed to a completely different universe! 

Speaking of which I find this part funny. They find themselves in a Earth and Universe not conquered by Jark Matter. Sen and Umeko (So why didn't they just get married off-screen and act as a married couple here?) arrest Hammy, Shou Ronpou and Garu thinking that they're Alienizers. This also brings to yet another funny scene which I'll explain.

It was rumored that Doggie is actually a relative of Garu. Garu states that he's the last of his kind and he's a wolf. Doggie's well a dog. The two belong to two different universes. It's possible that Garu may have a brother who looks like Doggie in the Kyuranger continuity but not in the new universe that they are brought into.

The four do a crossover battle. This also spells the end of Madoka. So what's the next rules? If Madoka dies in another universe so how does that affect the universe the Kyurangers are into? Speaking of which it's not surprising how Dragon Ball Super is also part of Toei's properties. I haven't been watching Dragon Ball Super though. It was nice to see the team-up battle and the Death Worm enlarges itself.  Too bad we never see the Zaidorks make a fool out of themselves in this episode.

It's nice to see the CGI Dolgiram show up to do some badass kicking. My only complaint is that why isn't the CGI Dolgiram getting the chance to have the classic Dolgiram theme played while it's in action? We see a Double Dragon team where Ryu Voyager and Dolgiram team up. I love how the episode addresses standing up on the heads of the dragons. Hmmm... speaking of which didn't that also happen in Dairanger and Gingaman? Sidenote, I wish Avilo from Zaido appeared in this episode only to break apart or the Zaidorks get destroyed by their stupidity.

This episode also backs up the Multiverse Theory that has long been in my head since I was watching Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Speaking of which, it would be fun to think if both Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa Kadoya get pulled into the Kyuranger universe for a crazy crossover. Just think of what if a whole new what-if scenario. 

Considering it's golf week next week (so no Super Hero Time) so I may consider writing something else or nothing at all for this blog. It might be what I'd call "break time". I also wish Over-Time can continue subbing Timeranger and I'll probably devote myself to catching up with the dark and gritty world of Amazons. But I can't wait to see the Kyurangers in another planet yet again. Can't wait to see how Scorpio can prove himself to be one magnificent villain as he causes trouble for the Kyurangers. 


  1. We didn't see Kenji Ohba because he was promoted to commander and can't fight anymore

  2. I really want to just keep it in the same universe. But they have to do the alternate universe crossover.

    As the series is still running and Kyuuranger is now with a membership of 11. They only kept this crossover with Red and Silver to interact with Gavan type G and Deka Red. It should have been a two part episode.
    As so hated then and maybe now. GoBusters Gavan special is much more then a hype.

    1. @Cyber9989

      I don't think keeping everything in the same universe is a good idea for story writing. Examples would be:

      1.) Kyoryuger, Abaranger and Zyuranger are all dinosaur themed but they operate very differently from one another.

      2.) Most events in Hirohisa Soda's era don't rely on each other's events. You can watch Goggle V up to Fiveman in any order as you please.

      3.) The events of Kyuranger if it happened in the same universe would require another Legend War similar to Gokaiger. That would be redundant wouldn't it?

      What do you think?

    2. Before the 25th anniversary with Gaorangers and of course Decade made it all possible to tie the universe in one basket. All the Sentai series was questionable whether they are in the same universe.The three Dino Sentais all have very different Dinosaur back story but yet they have the space between to connect the series exception of Kyoryugers which can happen either In Bandra's reign of Terror or Dinosaurs exist in another pocket dimension.

      Hirohisa Soda got better control when Marvel Comics fade away from TOEI from 1979-1982. Therefor he established a discontinuation of each series.

      Finally, it is too soon to do another Legend Wars as Gokaigers did it already and the 40th anniversary did Not do any Legend encounter and war as it only focuses on the own series.

      The it is a Saban product and you are on his universe. I suggest you download and play PR: Legacy Wars. Go Rangers - Jetman are not in it unfortunately.

    3. Speaking of alternate universes, why I believe Kyuranger should take place in one is because it would imply that all 40 seasons before it were useless against Jark Matter. Plus, I don't think Jark Matter would have succeeded in doing so if the Space Sheriffs, Dekarangers, etc. were around to stop them. So I thought that sometimes having alternate continuities work better.

      Plus, take note a lot of VS. Super Sentai movies have events that can't fit in with the series involved. A lot of their events tend to contradict the series involved.


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