Kyuranger 19: Kyurangers Play The Legends Of The Hidden Temple?

Super Hero Taisen is back after a week without it. But I think I'll focus on weekly episode reviews for now since I'm focusing on other stuff. Let's get started shall we? In this episode, the Kyurangers are trying to find the Carina Kyu Globe so they activate the Orion. But things aren't getting any better for the heroes leading to what could be an epic clash.

The monster of the week is known as Olmega. He's currently the monster of the week ruling over the Planet Keel. The people in this planet look like natives. He does look like some kind of weird ancient Incan or Mayan sculpture. I guess it's only fitting to put him in this episode. I can't help but remember game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple during the 90s. 

The planet feels like a planet of cosplayers. Then again, since when has Super Sentai really use any realistic costumes? Never mind that but I think it's a fun episode They meet Eris the protector the Carina Kyu Globe. It's revealed in a flashback that she was tasked by Orion. So who in the world is Orion anyway and what's his connection to the Orion? I hope the show tries to expand on that one but not too fast. I feel like there are times the show's going too fast or too slow.

Scorpio is once again involved. Scorpio wants to use the power of the Argo for himself. This is pretty much something. Does Don Armage really know that Scorpio is planning a mutiny? It's possible that Don Armage is still pretending not to know anything about Scorpio's plan. Scorpio also shows how much of a bastard he can be. We can see a dilemma here when Lucky realizes that they can't be truly saviors if they compromise the life of an innocent.

Next week's episode will be intense. It's Stinger going against his brother Scorpio. Speaking of which, will Champ return next week? I hope this will be an intense long arc that may soon conclude to the destruction of the armada sent towards Earth.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of the upcoming Kyuranger movie. The name Geth Star is obviously a pun on Star Wars' Death Star. I wonder how this movie will turn out. It's only fitting considering that Star Wars has turned 40 this year.


  1. Olmega is based in the "Olmeca" giant heads of stone made by the civilization of the same name, which flourished in what is today the southeast region of Mexico


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