My Top Favorite Sentai Rangers Each From The Sentai Shows I'm Currently Watching And Those I've Watched From Start To End

Well this will be a MASSIVE post because it will contain a list of my favorite Sentai heroes from shows I'm currently and those I have watched from start to end. Now moving on... I don't have a favorite in every show but here are those that stood out for me. These are mostly my opinions and it is subject to change. On the other hand, I will make a separate list for Sentai heroines too.

Top favorite rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end:

Ryuta Nanbara/Blue Three - He was my first favorite Sentai ranger. As a child, I started liking him when he started his first solo episode against Gear when he showed his fighting ability. A lot of his moves are based on him being an aquatic sportsman. I soon liked him even more during the Prince arc which had a lot of intense rivalry. Much of him presents badass action.

Takeru/Red Mask - After Bioman, Maskman was the very first show that I really liked the red ranger of the show the most! I mean, back then, I didn't like Shiro as much as Ryuta but Takeru? Wow, I would admit he was freaking, FREAKING awesome. I would admit that he's a fire-blooded leader. At the same time, I really loved the love story he had with Mio/Ial and how he faced against Igam and Kiros because of that plot.

Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon - When I watched Liveman, I thought my favorite is Yuusuke. Now Liveman's cast is awesome, no questions asked. At this point, I am more into red rangers at times. I just love his story with Mazenda and rivalry with Kemp.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo - This is one badass red ranger with a lot of hidden power. So he's not in good graces with his teacher due to his grades. At the same time, I thought he is really badass one way or another. My favorite moments? Defeated Rehda in the middle of a heated battle and later, he would face Ragorn one on one! I won't explain too much in detail to avoid spoilers.

Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue - With Fiveman, I started liking blue again and he became my favorite in Fiveman. Maybe it's because his aquatics motif and sports motif really reminded me of Ryuta Nanbara. Best moment? He defeated a monster out of suit to teach perseverance to his students!

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk - While Fantasy Leader likes Gai Yuki, mine is this guy. Okay, maybe because Ryu is the type of leader I want to be. My favorite part of his is that he struggles with his living in the past, especially when he lost Rie on the the very first day and later, he must face reality that she had become the Vyram, Maria. At the same time, he is bitter rivals with Sentai's greatest bastard Radiguet.

Burai/Dragon Ranger - Move over Tommy, I would dare say Burai is really the man! Burai's six parter called "Green with Evil" had him really, really badass and I guess he stayed long due to fan demand. He had done much what Tommy didn't dare to wasn't able to do like beat Griforther OUT OF SUIT or another, dared to rebel against Bandora. This guy is really kickass, IMO he really is miles above Tommy. I would consider him a longer version of the prototype sixth ranger X-1 Mask.

Ryou/Ryuuranger - Dairanger is another martial arts series and my favorite is this guy. In what way? Keiichi Wada is a bigger martial artist than Jason David Frank. Putting that aside, I think his starting story, his rivalry with Jin Matoba and Shadam made him really interesting. Like Ryu of Jetman, he also battles the Shadam who is basically Radiguet 2.0.

Yuuji Mita/Oh Blue - The first time I really liked Yuuji was when he tried to help two siblings reconcile. Another was when he showed he was a reckless character, which reminds me that I am a rash character myself. In short, I could relate to him.

Kyosuke Jinnai/Red Racer- After watching Carranger from start to end, I would say he is my favorite ranger in Carranger. While it looks like I just like him due to him sharing the same color with Riki, not really. I thought this guy is one badass red himself especially with how he developed as a leader throughout the series.

Kenta Date/Mega Red - While I would have originally wanted to be Kouichirou or the Gary Stu of the show, I could relate to Kenta more. In what way? I had bad grades as a teenager, I was a video game addict and this guy reminded me I'm glad I got pass that stage. He started off as a slacker but later,he matured out of that state. But still, he's a subject to some of my jokes.

Ryouma/Ginga Red - I would admit that Ryouma IS my favorite ranger of the show. He has the burden of being the current Ginga Red, he has faced the most number of rivals and he must battle his self-doubt. My favorite parts are when he battles Sanbash and Budou, defeating both villains and later, when he survives a painful encounter with Captain Zahab.

Tatsuya/Time Red - As a person, I do have the tendency to want to fight against fate one way or another. I could relate to him having family problems (we both had father problems but mine were way milder than his) and stemming from dysfunctional lines. Like him, I also dated a girl who was like Yuuri and looks like her as well (but my real life break-up was different), while initially denying my true feelings until it was too late.

Shirogane/Gao Silver - Well maybe I do tend to like sixth rangers a lot. In Gaoranger, maybe the fact he's an ancient warrior against the others made me like him the most. I do like the Rouki arc which introduced him into Gaoranger and how it established his rivalry with Ura. At the same time, I thought his being mysterious was one of the reasons why I like him.

Asuka/Abare Black - Well another Tommy counterpart... but that's not my reason for liking him. Maybe it's because of his similarity with Ryu Tendo who has an estranged loved one. He goes to Dino Earth hoping to protect it from Evorian, becomes a valued ally of the main Abaranger team and he is an Abaranger himself.

Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue - Dekaranger had me liking blue rangers again, and Hoji is my favorite Dekaranger. Maybe it's because he's neat, precise and serious. Now I do like Ban too but I like Hoji above him. My favorite moments? Beating his former friend in a sniper's duel, going badass with out of suit combat and when he chose duty over his personal feelings.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver - In Boukenger, I would admit that this guy was sort of like Shirogane 2.0 but more badass IMO. He comes in as an Ashu hunter while he is half-Ashu himself. His relationship with the Questers is one stormy relationship, especially with Quester Gai. He has his self-doubts which he defeats in the process.

Retsu Fukami/Geki Blue - As of current, I think he is my favorite Gekiranger. Sure I do like Gou his brother but he seems to be my favorite especially during his training time with Bat Li. I also like the episode where he had to deal with his evil imposter or when he fell in love with a con artist who he managed to change for the better.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red - I would admit I might be biased considering he is a second Takeru but he is another one, the name and leaderships skills are the only thing that's similar. What makes me like him is how he has this, "I don't want to harm others." attitude and the loner attitude, which he hides a secret from his retainers. What I really like about this guy was how he developed thanks to the help of everyone.

Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue - For Gokaiger, I will admit he's my favorite even if I can relate to Gai Ikari more as a Sentai fan. I do love the story he had as a former Zangyack, his best friend who was converted into Barizorg and his difficult choices. For me, he's really one badass blue especially when he trained with Kaoru from Shinkenger to become a better swordsman.

Others who are in the list of currently watched Sentai:

Sasuke/Ninja Red - So I've seen more than half of Kakuranger and as of current, he's my favorite. For some reason, I tend to love the reckless types maybe because I'm reckless?

Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue - I might just be biased (and I feel like that with Lightspeed Rescue, Chad might become my favorite) considering Ken Hoshikawa is my favorite in Fiveman, I think this guy had displayed a lot of badass moments. I jsut thought whether it was his attempt to create a new weapon or when he challenged Salamandes on his own, he got my attention the most.

Updated on: December 10, 2015


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