My Other Favorite Rangers From Sentai Series I Watched From Start to End And From Those I Am Still Watching

Although I have had listed my top favorite rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end (together with those being currently watched), now I'll present the "honorable mentions" with reasons which will include heroines.  As usual, this list is subject to change.  More to be added soon.

Male Sentai rangers from Sentai series I watched from start to end:

Shiro Gou/Red One - So Ryuta Nanbara remains my favorite but it doesn't mean he's not one of my favorites.  His professional leadership skills makes him cool plus he could also talk to animals, which is a plus.  I really liked the time when he first displayed his animal speaking powers, his battles with Mason and the time he tried to infiltrate a Gear controlled power plant.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red - I will admit that while Ken remains my favorite, he's my second favorite in Fiveman.  He's the responsible big brother of the team.  What I like about Gaku is that he really has freaking amazing sword skills.  My favorite episodes are usually those that focus on his rivalry with Billion and Chevalier.

Gai Yuki- I will admit that even if I disliked him at first due to his clash, I could relate to him in some way.  Like Gai, I tend to rebel or to play dirty, while I also had a painful courtship with my ex-girlfriend who I broke up in friendly terms.  Also, he reminds me of some former rival of mine.  I loved how this guy went from Ryu's rival to almost everything to becoming a more responsible person.

Geki/Tyranoranger - Before Burai, he was my favorite and I guess I just love red also huh?  Geki for me was also a cool character who really knew how to get that sword of his going.  I also love his attitude of accountability.  I thought that his encounter with Burai, refusing to strike his own brother and how he brought his brother to the light, were fun episodes then there's more when he realizes that his brother's time is short.

Daigo/Shishiranger - Arguably he's my second favorite after Ryou.  My reasons revolve around his martial arts and the love story he has with Kujaku.  It was fun watching him grow from the tragedy as he gets into a tragic Ah My Goddess relationship with Kujaku.

Kou/Kibaranger - So this sounds funny but I will keep saying it out loud that KOU IS NOT JUSTIN DISGRACING TOMMY!  Come on, Kou was not just some stupid gimmick added, he has one interesting story.  So he's the twin brother of Akomaru who is a Gorma, his father is Shadam who is a Gorma and he must battle his half-Gorma heritage.  He was not just randomly picked to become Kibaranger, it was his destiny!

Shun Namiki - If Kenta is my first favorite Megaranger, he's my second.  I would have probably done the same thing if I were him, being hesitant to join the Megarangers to pursue a dream.  I also like him for his somewhat smart plans.  I thought his best episode was that when he fell for an android girl and any episode he has with Kenta.

Hyuga/Bullblack II - After the first Bullblack died, Hyuga was later restored.  Although I still like Ryoma over him, I cannot deny he is my second favorite in the show!  After he starts to affirm Ryoma's place, he becomes the badass extra hero or sixth member of the team.  He was even willing to give up his Earth Power just so he can find the possible means to defeat Zahab.

Kakeru Shishi/Gao Red - Perhaps one of the reasons why he is one of my favorites is that he never expected to become the red ranger.  He was that amazing vet with skills to help animals but he never expected to lead the Gaorangers.  Plus, the fact he can understand animals makes him one of my favorites.

Gaku Washio/Gao Yellow - He's Fantasy Leader's top favorite but for me, he's a secondary favorite.  What I like about this guy is aside from the fact he is the second ranger named Gaku is those freaking amazing sword skills, plus he's got some Jetman shoutouts with how he moves.  So at first he didn't accept Kakeru as the leader but he grew to accept it.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red - While Hoji is my top favorite Dekaranger, I cannot deny that I still like Ban considering I also like reckless rangers.  I thought Ban was reckless and somewhat dumb, but he really has high persistence and perseverance in all that he does as a Dekaranger.  He always tries to get Hoji to warm up and he serves as that "balancing force" of sorts like reminding Hoji it's okay to make mistakes.  He has the fiery spirit that made him face one dangerous criminal after the other and I love how he gets fiery and at the same time, we see he does have some sharp wits beneath his rash exterior.  That's why I think he's miles above Jack Landors in Power Rangers SPD!

Tetsu Aira/Deka Break - Well one of the reasons why I think him as my favorite is that he's a badass sixth member.  At first, he appears a bit arrogant and doesnt' want to cooperate due to his Tekkan status.  However, he learns that the Dekarangers and him are on the side of justice.  It was fun to see him become integrated more and more into the Dekaranger team.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red - While I used to compare him to Ryu Tendo, I thought of him as a reckless red and that made him another of my favorites.  Maybe he's not as reckless as Ban but still... I seldom wish I had little or no fear.

Masumi Inou/Bouken Black - I felt like this guy was another interesting member of Boukenger.  He had a backstory with Yaiba who tortured his whole existence.  The fact that he must battle the darkness within also makes him fun to watch.  It was fun to see him as a jerk but he was like Gai Yuki, a nice guy underneath.

Jan Kandou/Geki Red - Although Retsu is my favorite Gekiranger, I still can't ignore this lovable jungle boy.  He was born into the jungle, he lost his parents and he later appears to become a Gekiranger.  He is an enthusiastic red ranger who learns to adapt to society one step at a time.

Gou Fukami/Geki Violet - Fantasy Leader's top favorite but for mine, another lower favorite.  I thought it was interesting to have his wolf curse story and his relationship with his brother explored when he arrived.

Gai Ikari - He is my second favorite Gokaiger.  So what do I like about him?  He's one amazing guy I can relate to having been a fan of Sentai as a child, and still having that feeling even if I have currently moved on with other stuff.  He knows more about Sentai than anyone and he's a true enthusiast.

Female Sentai heroines from series I watched from start to end:

The late Mika Koizumi and Jun Yabuki - I don't really want to compare them too much.  I mean Mika was nice but too bad she died in episode 10, no thanks to her actress Yuki Yajima leaving.  Then we get the awesome Jun Yabuki who started to fill the void that Mika left.  Jun herself had some awesome archery and stunt skills too.

Haruka/Yellow Mask - She's one awesome yellow and you cannot deny it.  She's pretty much a badass considering that she's grown from a tribe of ninjas.  What made her fun to watch is just how super badass she can get which made me think she and Takeru are probably the strongest in their teams.

Momoko/Pink Mask - Yes, another of my favorites.  Although she was underdeveloped, she truly balanced beauty and brawn.  She has a great love for children which made her do anything to save them.  She also had great tai-chi chuan skills too.

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin - She's the first female blue ranger and a good one at that.  I thought of Megumi as a well-balanced badass.  Sure she can fight but she also has a sensitive side which balances her from the rest of the cast.  I would admit that her tears and her being badass made her a well-rounded warrior.

Kasumi Hoshikawa/Five Pink - While I did hate Math because I was weak at it, Kasumi ended up playing an important role in helping me realize not all Math teachers were evil.  She was one cool big sister to the team, unlike that annoying Houka in Magiranger.

Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow - Although she's the youngest of the team but she's got lots of amazing martial arts moves.  I really love how she manages to pull out one stunt after the other.  My favorite episode had to be her drunken kung fu episode, it was hilarious and badass at the same time.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow - Perhaps my favorite Jetman female member, she is one freaking powerhouse in spite of her age and that she's somewhat silly.  Even if she's cute, don't mess with her as she can really beat you up.  I love the episode that focused on her school life and later, when she tried to give a sick girl the courage to face the need of a heart operation.

Mei/Pteraranger - She's one badass pink archer, don't you forget it.  So maybe, I like Kimberly better than her (appearance-wise and my choice for a date), but Mei can't be discounted from my list of favorites.  She has her amazing fight skills and she's got badass skills with her bow which has saved the team from defeat on more than one occasion.

Lin/Hououranger - Well my extreme favoritism for her keeps surfacing huh?  Well she is one amazing bruiser.  If Mei is a cute bruiser, she is a hot bruiser.  While she appears to be gentle and friendly (she is a nice person) but just watch out when she is pissed off.  She won't hesitate to be blunt and worse, ask every bad guy she's beaten.

Natsumi Kinohara/Yellow Racer - I've seen up to fifteen episodes of Carranger, I would admit that Natsumi has become my favorite female ranger in the show.  Like Mika Koizumi in Bioman, she is snappy and rebellious but she cares about her teammates.  She occasionally opposes the red ranger making her a season long Mika, except she didn't try to run away and good thing the actress didn't disappear.

Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow - Yet another of my favorites, she's got the looks and personality to beat both of the Megafail girls away.  While she may be the most popular girl in school.. she's pretty and smart, everything you want in a girl, she doesn't belittle anyone.  So far, her best friends are Kenta (who I love to force pair with her even if she's attracted to Kouichiro) and Miku, who despite being lower than her, she treats them with respect.

Saya/Ginga Pink - While I do like Mako over her, but still I cannot deny she's already in my list of favorites.  She has the right balance of strength and gentleness.  While she is very gentle towards others but she is dedicated to her job.  She tries not to cry as much as possible whenever things get rough, trying to be strong for herself and the team.

Yuuri/Time Pink - She is one badass chick who had had a grudge with Don Dolnero because her parents were killed under the latter's order.  Although she is at first, really cold and tries to keep her tough as nails exterior, she tries to act bitchy but deep within is someone who just wants to do the right thing.  I thought that she shows she can't be underestimated in combat or that she does care about people, only that she became sort of bitchy because she saw her family die before her very eyes.

Ranru Itsuki/Abare Yellow - Ranru is beauty and brains in one.  She was a former idol who becomes a mechanic for the Abaranger team.  What I like about Ranru is that in spite of being the ideal girl, she is a very nice person indeed.  I pretty much like how she uses her wits most of the time in battle as well as she is the team's inventor.  However she is never the reason why Abaranger is one amazing dinosaur Sentai.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka Yellow - At first, I only liked her for her exterior but there was more than her pretty face to admire.  While she's a calm, collected individual at the same time, Umeko's best friend she does have a past.  She was once a suicidal ESP girl who was found by Doggie Kruger.  She also had become close friends with Hoji (my current favorite fan ship)

Sakura Nishohiri/Bouken Pink - Although my opinion on Boukenger has changed in a way after Shinkenger, I still like her even if I now like her less.  I mean, while she may not be at par with Mei or Lin, but still you can't deny that she's one badass character.  She's one of my favorites until today.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow - Pretty much a revival for those really tough gals, I personally found most Sentai warriors whether male or female to be weaker post-Timeranger.  Ran?  Well, like the Gekirangers, they are a return to badass and tough.  My favorite moment of hers was when she temporarily became a bad girl, revealing how badass she really was one way or another.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink - Okay she's not the best or anything, but I cannot deny that I still like Mako even if as of late, she (along with all the Shinkengers) have been dropping off the chart.  I did like her for superficial reasons like because she in some way reminds me of Kimberly.  On the other hand, I thought about it that she's overall the big sister of Shinkenger or her love for children.  Plus, I thought her bad cooking gag and her won't hesitate to be blunt flaws added to the charm.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow - Yet another character though in my case, I viewed her as an Ako Hayasaka 2.0 but a more reserved one.  Like Ako in Jetman, she is that cute bruiser and had no choice but to become a ranger.  Her older sister was sickly so she had to go.  She became Mako's "little sister" and Mako was her "big sister".  As much as I like her, I think pairing her with Takeru just feels awkward as attempting to pair Ryu and Ako in Jetman.

Male Sentai rangers from Sentai series I am still watching:

Goro Hoshino/Oh Red - While watching Ohranger, as of current, Yuji is my favorite but, my second favorite is this guy.  I would admit he is one badass red and the first episode, made me think he's really badass.  Though later episodes pushed me to Yuji, I thought this guy is my current second favorite in Ohranger.

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