Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive: It's A Decent Kamen Rider Crossover!

I just watched the "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive" crossover to which, was a pretty goofy and enjoyable film.  So I didn't like ToQGer vs. Gaim, this film was sort of like having improved the concept of an official Super Sentai series vs. Kamen Rider series crossover.  While the first official one was the Shinkenger Arc in Decade (which was done in-series), the second one was ToGer vs. Gaim and this is the third.  I'll admit, I am liking BOTH Kamen Rider Drive and Ninninger even with the lack of acting, and yeah the red ranger IS an idiot.

Well the Shinkenger/Decade crossover was clearly the official start... and it somehow made a nod to MMPR's Friend in Need

The whole film sort of takes on, "What if Shinkenger and Decade two-parter were a movie." and succeeded in doing it, while bringing a temporary giant battle battle (which Decade's two parter didn't have) and smoothing out the concepts that were left by Shinkenger and Decade.  But unlike the Shinkenger episodes in Kamen Rider Decade, it had a reverse.  The cast of Ninninger enter into a world without Super Sentai, namely the world of Kamen Rider Drive.  While the cast of Kamen Rider Decade entered into the World of Shinkenger which was a World Without Kamen Riders, here the reverse happens.  Remember there are some spoilers so read at your own risk.

First Dex the Mashed Rider (he and Decade are probably still angry with their producers) then Shinosuke mistakes a team of heroes to be working for the villains!

The whole reception of Kamen Rider Drive to the Ninningers is a smoothed out version of "A Friend in Need" in MMPR.  In what way?  Well Shinosuke Tomari/Drive goes out and thinks that the Ninningers are Roidmudes.  That almost felt like the time when Dex thought the Power Rangers were minions of Count Dregon.  However this has a twist because the Kibaoni Army Corps' Kyuemon teams up with the Roidmudes.  Like in Kamen Rider Decade, an abomination happens which quickly causes a lot of problems. If you saw Decade, the monster Chinomanako gets Diend's card and becomes an evil Kamen Rider, causing problems to the World of Shinkenger.  So you have a Youkai/Roidmude Hybrid that is responsible for the mess that's around... which causes the Ninninger cast to be at the risk of disappearing.

What I liked was the humor involved with the Ninningers... in short, there is always a culture shock.  It somehow illustrates how Kamen Rider fans and Super Sentai fans may have reacted to each other.  At the same time, the non-canon special's what if had a portal open to two different realities like the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour specials except... that the World of Drive is attempting to eradicate the Ninningers from existence together with a group of misunderstandings.  In the end, the Ninningers are able to return safe and sound to their world while a new Kamen Rider non-canon crossover is about to happen called Kamen Rider Grand Prix.


  1. I still think that Shinkenger x Decade was the better one. Ninninger x Drive was so disapointing in my opinion that I really don't feel good remembering it. It could have expanded more of their story, making the whole sentai team interact with the Drive cast (Yakumo could be annoyed by Gou, Nagi would be friends with Kyu, Kasumi and Kiriko and Rinna and Fuuka would have great interactions). Instead, we got Takaharu and Shinnosuke hogging the screentime while the other Ninningers got tossed around by the villains while looking pathetic because of fear.

    Terrible. Just terrible.

    1. I do think Shinkenger x Decade is better but... I do disagree with you that the special was terrible. For me it was okay but still Shinkenger x Decade for the better one.


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