My Favorite Sentai Villains From Shows I'm Currently Watching And From Series I've Watched From Start To End

I have my list of heroes from the Sentai series I've watched from start to end together with currently being watched, now it's time for the BOOOOOOOOO and HIIIISSSSS with my favorite villains. Here's are they;

From series I've watched from start to end in no particular order:

Doctor Man... well indeed he is a man. This might be some biases but I'd think about it that he was my first childhood villain who scared me for very personal reasons. I wanted to become the world's greatest genius and at one point in my childhood, wanted to live on as a robot instead of a human and take over the world with an army of robots. I always thought of him as the embodiment of my crazy ambitions as a child, except I didn't have his IQ. =P

Bio Hunter Silver is one force truly to be reckoned with. He is armed with the deadly Anti-Bio Particles, which can neutralize the powers of the Biomen, if not kill them. He arrives midseason driving fear into Peebo as he is the anti-thesis of the Bio Robo as he is obsessed with destruction. His actions led to the destruction of the Planet Bio and his arrival made Peebo recall their fallen comrade, Mika Koizumi. He searches for his badass mecha Balzion which Gear also wants. HIs powers are not only harmful to the Biomen but also to Gear as well.

Emperor Zeba himself was another villain that I felt was badass scary. I mean, he really was the dominating force in Tube, he managed to turn Igam into a blindly loyal servant of his and nobody questioned this malevolent being. Yet in the midst of all his power, he is scared of his secret identity getting uncovered not because of his origins but because, it contained the key to his defeat. To make sure his identity is not discovered, he employs every ruthless means to keep his reign secure. He was devoid of compassion one way or another.

Prince Igam is one complex villain, the audience knows that she is really a woman in disguise but not most of her comrades. What makes it complex is that she believes that Ial her twin sister has smeared the Igam name, even if it was her who did it with her warfreak tendencies. How Zeba turned her into a subordinate is unknown but I assume she was still a fragile child. Her hatred for Takeru is rooted upon her sister's love for him. She would do anything to be the only person to kill Takeru which soon results it a less typical rivalry to a dramatic one.

Thief Knight Kiros is really one cool villain. He entered into Maskman as a foe who is a stray villain, he has no allegiance to anyone but himself. Singlehandedly, he defeated the Maskmen's Shot Bomber and he is extremely dishonorable. Unlike Juuzo in Shinkenger, this guy would even attack a weakened opponent if it suits him. His hatred towards Takeru is a contrast of love and lust, honor and dishonor. Every time he appears, it signals the "uh oh" to my head. I mean, come on wouldn't yo be scared of someone who just freaking blew up your team weapon?

Great Professor Bias is one badass evil professor, subtle in his evil attempt to rule the world as its god. What I thought is Joji Nakata even makes this evil professor rock hard and I really love the performance. He had no qualms about using people to achieve his selfish goals whether it'd be his disciples or it would be his own subordinates. Later episodes reveal the grim fate that awaited his subordinates in his quest for world domination. Bias is so badass, I wouldn't mind taking acting lessons from Joji Nakata knowing he's not waiting for me to reach a 1,000 points IQ to get my brain.

Dr. Kemp well he's badass thanks to Yutaka Hirose and Liveman is a really cool series. For the rest of Liveman, he became the most devoted student to Great Professor Bias. He voluntarily keeps throwing away every side of redemption that he had, even doing it literally. For one, I even thought that he had lost every chance of redemption. Man, I felt sorry for Yuusuke thanks to this bastard!

Dr. Mazenda is another. She is played by Akiko Amamatsuri (I guess she got married in the 90s making fanboys weep). She was once the crush of Yuusuke (can't blame him, she is HOT) and she would later appear as a cybernetics expert. Her experiments always involved manipulating human feelings, something she saw as weak and turning herself into a machine went hand in hand with her hatred for human feelings.

Dr. Ashura is a midseason villain, gone from a badass illiterate gangster who can't add things without counting his fingers to... becoming Bias' latest experiment. Having his dangerous prowess and having been gifted with artificial intelligence, he becomes an even more dangerous adversary than he was at the start.

Dark Swordsman Zimba for me was one cool villain in Turboranger. He had an ongoing rivalry with Red Turbo. In the past, he was once a warrior who fell for a princess but was rejected, creating this hate-loving villain. Most of his actions usually reflect on his loving to see other people suffer. In the end, he willingly gave himself up for Jarmin.

Princess Jarmin is a whip-carrying bitch with a serpent for a face, revealing she is a snake in the grass while remaining loyal to her comrades and her master Ragorn. What I felt about her was that, she was willing to do anything for her master, even harm innocent people though she did care about Zimba. Like Zimba, she is a hate driven foe.

Yamiramu and Kirika demonstrated the conflict between Bouma and human. Both characters were half-Bouma, half-human to which they both were in conflict with both halves. Both were outcasts who planned to take over the world in their own image, even going as far as to betray Ragorn a decision that would later backfire on their faces.

Billion in Fiveman is the only Fiveman villain I could really like. I used to like Chevalier but this guy is much different. He's a dishonorable cheat who'd do anything to win, even sacrifice his own comrades in the process. He also has a rivalry with Gaku/Five Red.

Radiguet... well it's already well-known. This guy is such a cruel sadist, he'd do anything to win and while he did have some good in him at the start, he voluntarily tosses aside every goodness that was present in him. I mean, he did have a chance for redemption once or twice, he throws it aside because he chooses to remain the evil Vyram officer he is. What makes him amazing is how he uses humanity's evil to justify his cruel actions towards people. He also feels like what if Egobossler were smoking marijuana instead of tobacco as his actions do not make him look sane, I mean he doesn't care where he's aiming his projectiles at! Even better, Daisuke Tachi really makes Radiguet horrifying scary and awesome!

Witch Bandora herself is one awesome and complex villain. Although she does seem silly because majority of her plans are half-brained, typical Sentai villain plots done towards children. I mean, at first it made me feel like she was that Machineman villain Madame M but.. she was a better version actually. She had her aim to destroy Earth into a wasteland but her methods involve attacking children. Soga Machiko truly made this villain a show stealer herself.

Griforhter and Lamie are in my list of favorite villains. My reasons? Griforther is Bandora's loyal and badass henchman who can withstand Daizyujin on his own. Lami herself is a cruel scorpion woman with an undying love for her husband.

Lt. Colonel Shadam aka Radiguet 2.0 is another. This guy really exceeds the evil of his fellow Gorma, even if it means manipulating everyone. He has no feelings for anyone, he doesn't treat his wife properly and not even his twin sons Kou and Akomaru are spared from his malice as he is willing to kill them for his own agenda. Being another vile piece of scum, Shadam like Radiguet only takes power as his only comfort and seeks to rule the world with his insane cruelty. My only problem was that Rintaro Nishi wasn't as good as Daisuke Tachi, man the villain should have been acted by Daisuke Tachi but that is a minor concern.

Dr. Hinelar literally steals most of the show, even from Yugande and Shibolena. Like Doctor Man in Bioman, he had a falling away with an old friend who vowed to stop him. He was once a friend of Dr. Kubota but his heavy ambition got the best of him. He wanted to pursue his warped views of science which made him form an alliance with Javious I. He is also a master of robots and unethical bioengineering... embodying Doctor Man from Bioman and Dr. Lee Keflen from Flashman.

Gurail in Megaranger is the Sword Saint Bilgenia of Megaranger. When Dr. Hinelar's invasion fell behind schedule, he was sent by Javious to adi in the invasion. He is merciless, cruel and uses below the belt tactics, even manipulate others to fulfill his master's wish. Sad to say he became a victim of Sentai injustice(spoiler).

Captain Zahab himself is a superior version of Doukoku for me. He literally dominates his crew, I mean he even didn't let the generals take turns until one of them died. I thought that one way or another, this guy is indeed a badass pirate at his own right. He hates every Ginga Red because he his his hand to the first Ginga Red, which makes him hate Ryoma. He also had traveled the galaxy, turning planets into jewels for some grand scheme of his, perhaps to attain godhood. Heck, I think he might beat up Trakeena from Lost Galaxy if they ever meet! Meanwhile he and the Gingaman villains are in this list are three more episodes to joining the first list!

Steerwoman Shelinda for me is miles above Dayu. Although Dayu had a cruel backstory, this one didn't need one. She was Zahab's loyal steerwoman, a very cruel villain who'd do anything to carry out her master's will. She also has an unhealthy rivalry with Hayate all because of a scar.

Black Merchant Biznella (a pun on business) is a cruel villain himself, but nonetheless devoted to Captain Zahab. He was the one who brought the Starbeasts and used them against the Gingamen but he was defeated when human love overcame his plot. His underlying tactics makes him a terrifying foe against the Gingamen.

Don Dolnero is a huge contrast to the fat slob Gluto in Time Force. In what way? Don't let his looks underestimate you as he is in fact, the most wanted criminal in the year 3000! Although his actions could have not happened without the actions of some stupid hero wannabe (who ends up becoming the main villain in the eyes of most of Timeranger fandom, click if you don't mind getting spoiled). While he is a cruel mob boss, he does care about his main subordinates (especially Gien) though he did double-cross one of the criminals he sent for personal reasons.

Gien himself is another. Somehow I do love insane villains one way or another. He just loves destruction and he really, for me is indeed one who was interesting due to how he got more cruel and insane as the series passed by.

Lila herself is a material girl but she's not to be underestimated. She is a mistress of disguise and she really is a cruel bitch, one way or another. I think she has to be Kobayashi's second worst bitch after Shelinda. Though she loves fancy stuff, she does have her cruel edge making her a dangerous opponent.

Mikoto Nakadai spent much of his time in Abaranger as a villain and he deserves the name Abare Killer. I think he has to be the most awesome villain in the show and he's got killer moves to make him a killer villain (see the pun). When he first appeared, the Abarangers already had a hard time with him... then he unleashes Topgaler which makes the game even more difficult than it was. What makes him even cooler is that he designs very difficult and sadistic games against the Abarangers like trying to crash Earth into Jupiter (WTF is wrong with you man?!) or think of it, he even became a temporary big bad for the show itself. I would admit it was badass for him to temporarily rule Evorian and boss them around, I mean come on he's human and he's dominating a group of non-humans! It's later revealed that he was also halfway a vessel for an ancient evil causing the evil of his heart to be amplified beyond reason. Whether or not most of his actions are his choices, is somewhat a mystery but it looks like they were his choices, and that he enjoyed giving in to the ancient evil that's within him.

Agent Abrella himself is the mysterious then not so mysterious enemy in Dekaranger. He provides services for various Alienizers throughout the series. Fortunately Dekaranger does not become like Solbrain, a show without a main villain and I'll admit, I never enjoyed Solbrain. In this show, he is the sole main villain who makes deals with various Alienizers while not appearing in some episodes. He is one cruel adversary you cannot underestimate. If Dekaranger were an adult series, I can't imagine what kind of other Alienizers employ his services.

Creator King Ryuon is also villain I thought was cool. For me, Boukenger is still in my favorites list (but bottom part of it as of late, I do still like it but my fandom for Shinkenger made me push it lower). Ryuon for me is one awesome cruel villain who manipulates everyone for his own convenience. I thought this guy though he had a few comic moments (a Radiguet parody) but he maintains a cold streak against everyone. I mean, the fact he believes in the survival of the fittest makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Yaiba of the Darkness for me beats Gure as a villain. While Gure in Jetman was badass, this guy was dirty and no sense of honor. Easily, he could be Boukenger's most cruel villain. He messed up Masumi's life as a child. His rivalry with Masumi stems back from the past and continues to the present. He has no qualms of using others to succeed in his goals, he even betrayed his own comrades just to get what he wants.

Infinity Dragon Long is another one. Although he appeared mid-series, he had appeared subtly and while he was following orders from Rio, he had his own agendas. Later, it is discovered that he was responsible for a lot of the tragedies in Gekiranger. Messing up with him may also mean your death as well. Scheming and cruel, this guy adds more conflict.

Akumaro Sujigarano is Shinkenger's best villain for me. Unlike Juzo who felt boring at times, this guy was cruel, manipulative and he backstabbed Doukoku for his own convenience. He had become a serious threat to the Shinkengers one way or another.

Basco to Joloika himself is no Jolly Roger. Unlike the others, he is a very, very despicable villain that he overshadows the main villains, the Zangyack. He's cruel, backstabbing and he hates Captain Marvelous with a passion. The fact he would betray his friends just to get what he wants or even troll the Zangyacks, or do anything to get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe makes him a terrifying foe to battle. Sigh, why you not become the final villain?

Series I'm currently watching which includes ones I've barely watched...

Adjutant Buuba himself looks like a Predator of sorts. I thought about it that reading through summaries of Changeman and seeing some episodes, Buuba is indeed a badass villain. However he is a tortured soul, having place to call home and he began to reject Gozma's cowardice. He was later revealed to be a noble villain and he had an honorable rivalry with Hayate/Change Dragon while he cared for Shiima as a friend. He was a warrior at heart and he would choose to die in battle than every other way.

Okay I've only seen most of Changeman in raw or badly dubbed Portugese (I wish complete subs will be available) but Ahames, even if I can't understand the dialogue is cruel indeed. Reading through Shogo's Changeman tribute site, yes she is really, REALLY a bitch one way or another. She would anything to achieve her aims like feign loyalty, manipulate everyone for her own convenience and she is indeed power-mad one way or another. She ended up harvesting her bad karma later in the series. She would probably be Trakeena's inspiration in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Dr. Lee Keflen himself is a badass one. Okay I haven't seen much of Flashman and I only read synopsis in the past but this guy is a master manipulator. He has done everything with his evil experiments, manipulating life as he sees it. Towards the finale, he even got rid of his own master Lar Deus so he can finally take over. In the end, his own misdeeds backfired when Sara fired at his Gene Synthesizer leading to his death. Now only if I can see Flashman from start to end!

Junior/Gasha Dokuro is an awesome villain. The son of Daimaou, he is a cruel adversary who had shown the most cruelty in the show. Plus, he is acted by another cool actor, Kenichi Endo. Too badhe doesn't last very long(spoiler). I mean he could have helped his father Daimaou but we don't know why Kenichi Endo left the show. Too bad Rito Revolto was never his level of revolting.

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