I'm Almost Done with Gekisou Sentai Carranger

Well I'm proud to announce that Gekisou Sentai Carranger is about to make it into my list of Super Sentai series I've watched from start to end and the subs were completed by Haroranger.  I just wish though Timeranger will get more clear English subs (laboring through bad quality video on my favorite Kobayashi series IS painful), hopefully GUIS will be done with Bioman, more Turboranger subs as it's the first car-based Sentai (I had to rely on a translator) and well with Changeman's 30th anniversary, please more Changeman subs!  Now moving on... before I ultimately write a new style review for the series called "Shifting Into Turbo... With CAAAAARRRANGER" (tentative title) where I can share my thoughts.

So I've seen the arrival of the VRV Robo and it's a pretty cool robot,  The VRV Robo is composed of five rescue vehicles with humanoid mode, they combine into the VRV Robo which for me is a rare innovation.  What is ironic also is that while Turboranger abolished the transportation mecha, Carranger made it have a momentary return (and later, Abaranger also did with the Brachiosaurus) with the Victory Trailer.  Victory Trailer transports the components of VRV Robo which was used to rescue RV Robo.  What's pretty weird and cool at the same time is how the VRV Robo uses the cannons of the Victory Trailer's cannons to destroy the monster-of-the-week.

The whole Red Racer/Zonette romance is kind of weird but the writing in Carranger made the whole, "You're just in love with the costume but yet to be with the man behind in the costume." thing work out in such a way.  Things like this happen a lot in comics like in Spiderman or Batman.  The whole Zonette/Red Racer teases felt like a parody of Batman and Poison Ivy in one way... since Poison Ivy has feelings for Batman unaware of his true identity but the show has its twists and turns.  I always thought that while I thought Megaranger was the first show where the villains didn't truly discover the human identities of the Carrangers (a cliche for most Sentai series that the villains are among a few to know the rangers' identities) but Carranger did it before.

While I know how Emperor Exhaus was defeated and everything by reading summaries, but it will pay off for me to see more of him.  Things are getting intense as the ultimate evil of the Carranger universe shows up, revealing his plan to create a intergalactic highway of chaos.  Although the idea seems absurd and stupid, I cannot help but still think this guy does have some nightmare fuel.  I guess he's been that ghost that's pestering Bowzock all along!


  1. Wait where did you watch it?!?!? i wannnnnnnnna watch it! :D

    1. You can download it from the site called Harorangers


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