As a Sentai Fan, I'm Now 29 Years Old Today!

Well today I turn 29, still single and haven't found a girlfriend and I'm still into Super Sentai (mostly old school) though by now you know I'm more into non-Toku action stuff than into it.  But here's what I'm thinking as of late... and some confessions.

Super Sentai for me is an ever changing trend.  Gone are the 80s-90s type of Super Sentai and it has become more kiddie post-Timeranger.  Gobusters tried to go old school but failed rather miserably because of changing times. So yeah, I don't like Kyoryuger but I don't hate it, good thing kids liked the series.  If I'm ever a Sentai fan, I'm probably more stuck with the old school while I'm really able to accept one day the franchise must end.  In fact, after Gokaiger I feel like most Sentai won't be as good as it was but hey it's primarily for kids.  But still, good storytelling is important and I hope Toei doesn't dismiss all that just for the sake of toys.

I might as well discuss some of my fanboyism moments.  As a kid I used to call Kimberly my "Power Rangers wife".  Which this fanboyism has some twists and turns.  As of late, I really am stuck with some crazy fantasies with finding girls that hot or look like my favorite Sentai girls.  Though I thought of it lately I need to get more realistic in choosing the girl I want to have than to be stuck with silly fantasies.

Just my two cents!


  1. When I hit 30s in 2009, my life was pretty much over but it did not stop me from liking Toku. Sure the shows all changed for the more childish but I still do enjoy the hard work of the artistic side of it
    My favorite series are always from the 70s-00s.
    I can still reminisce how Toku was gold when I got into it but I am not going to waste time.
    Getting back to the point with Super Sentai, when Gokaigers aired. You knew that 35 years of hard work and creativity wad reexamined with all 6 Gokaigers. Now it is an additional 3 series and two years from now it will be the big 40 anniversary.
    I am now married and in my mid 30s, and have not change my fandom for Toku.


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