My Fan Type No. 2- The Gentaro Kisaragi Type

Now let's move on to the Gentaro Kisaragi type.  So what do I think about them?

So I think these are the guys who are, "I love Kamen Rider the best but you other superheroes who fight for the Earth are awesome whether you be Super Sentai, Power Rangers or Metal Hero!"  They don't pick on people who like something more than Kamen Rider.  Rather they tell people why they should give Kamen Rider a chance!  Well they may like Sentai but not as much as they love Kamen Rider.  They respect the fandom nonetheless.  However they might hate Patrick Star's "Super Hero Taisen" because it's just damn stupid.  I mean, as a fan of Tokusatsu, even the MMPR/Mashed Rider crossover is way more tolerable than Super Hero Taisen. =P

Maybe the most prevalent are those who are probably children during the Heisi era but that's just my hunch.  They may have not started out watching Super Sentai, they were more into Kamen Rider but after seeing the Decade/Shinkenger crossover or whatever, they decided to also check Super Sentai out.


  1. The past 20 years I either like the Rider series that best or Sentai the best as the Riders during the 2000s was way more serious and violent. The only exceptions are 02,04, 06, 09. As both series the coolest!!!! If anybody knows what came out during those years I am not bothering to name them.


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