My Fan Type No. 1- The Gai Ikari Fan Type

I have written my four categories of fans (not fantards), now here's to focus on fan type no. 1 called the Gai Ikari type.  So what do I think about them in full?

These may be the type to get overly enthusiastic most about Super Sentai. He knows almost everything about Super Sentai (and I don't). They might bet he ones who really stick to every Super Sentai season as a fan.

On the other hand, the Gai Ikari type could be somebody who really loves Super Sentai the most but is open-minded about other superheroes and respects them even if he may not be a fan of them.  Like in Super Hero Taisen written by Patrick Star, Gai Ikari says that the Kamen Riders still fight evil and I'm pretty sure he'll say the same thing about the Power Rangers.

His possible views about Power Rangesr, Kamen Rider and all other Tokusatsu might be either he loves them or he simply respects them, never hating any of them.  Such persons will not badmouth Power Rangers if they don't like it but they will respect it nonetheless.


  1. I would label myself as this type of fan, but I don't hate power rangers anymore, I mostly dislike it. I have seen 10 yes of power rangers, then after wild force, ninja storm was the last full season i watched and enjoyed. However, since watching Super Sentai, garo, ryukendo, gransazer, and kamen rider, I've grown a disdain for power rangers

    The main reason I disdain power rangers now is because of how Saban treats its fan base. The first season of PR was great, but for Saban to nor use the dairanger suits in season 2 is beyond laughable!! I understand that it was a new show and Saban was maybe afraid that if the suit changed, then you sales and ratings would go down. Nevertheless, its completely stupid when if they have a new enemy, new putties, new monsters, and new zords, new suits seemed like a common sense transition, right? For that I will forever ever despise Haim Saban!!

    On a lighter note, I just enjoy Super Sentai, some tokusatsu, and kamen rider action scenes, storylines, character developments, and humor. It doesn't try to censor itself or take itself to seriously, its just fun


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