Baraba: A Death in Foolishness!

Well it's time for another spotlight and this time it's Baraba in Maskman, known as Dargan in the Filipino dub. Baraba just started out like every regular Super Sentai villain while he was accompanied by his assistant Oyobur.  During that time, he was someone who was rivals with Prince Igam, scoffing at the latter because of Ial's betrayal.  He was also pretty much determined to get rid of the Maskmen for his Emperor Zeba.

During the time the Royal Crown of the Igam Clan was being found.  He was tasked to destroy it but Ijin one of the underground ninjas managed to give a slight hint to who Zeba was.  This of course may have made Zeba suspicious that Baraba may soon leak out his identity.  So possibly, that's why he became the "fall guy" after the Jet Cannon was built.  So after he was dismissed in episode 30 (Now why wasn't Igam dismissed?!) he went to do the challenge of the brave where we meet his mother.  He belonged to the Baruga tribe.  He challenged the monster Devil Dobler in order to obtain his second sword, the Royal Underground Sword which had pretty much frightening power causing him to go even more crazy than he was while relying more on his brute strength to win, but it didn't mean he didn't have cunning devices either.

In Maskman episode 35, we see that Baraba is foolhardy to the advice of his assistant Oyobur when he insisted on entering the tomb of Lethal Dobler.  Not soon enough, he began to suspect that Zeba could be Lethal Dobler which may have soon led to his demise.  I think when Zeba sentenced him to death, it was to silence him forever though he was given the chance to kill the Maskmen, never come back if they aren't done for.  Kiros eventually took advantage of him later betraying him where he again despised Oyobur's advice which only led to his demise.

So he took Ial who was frozen in ice, tried to lure Takeru out into battle so he can finish him off.  However he discovered Kiros betrayed him who planned to get rid of them both, so the latter can have Ial (or so that perverted guy thought).  He was later joined in by Oyobur who only helped him to get his final chance.  It resulted to his battle with Takeru which unfortunately claimed his life.


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