My Favorite Sentai Romances

Well since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow here's my favorite couples in Super Sentai including villains. They are:


Takeru and Ial

One of the best reasons why I grew attached to Maskman was the interesting love story of Takeru and Ial. Okay I did become a Tamoko shipper but still, this was a very beautiful love story. So Ial is the damsel in distress who is not just that, she was fighting for peace between Tube and the surface world only to be condemned by her twin sister Igam for that. It made Igam hate Takeru even more because of that whole "You dishonored us." battle. And of course, this also got more complex when Kiros wants Ial but has selfish, lustful motives making the whole Takeru/Kiros rivalry really serious to where it worked itself to the finale. Kiros' lust for Ial led to his death while seeing Takeru and Ial reunite to his butthurt.

Gai Yuki and Kaori

Well I just thought that while I didn't like Gai Yuki at first and I soon started fan shipping Gai and Ako but this had some chemistry moments. So yeah, Gai Yuki was really serious with Kaori and I wanted his playboy side to die. Best moments had to be when Juuza was about to fire at Kaori but Gai Yuki took the shot. Later Gai Yuki tried to save Kaori by offering his blood to the demon gods Ramu and Gogu. Unfortunately they weren't able to work things out. I just wanted a happy ending for everyone but no, Inoue was so much a tragedy lover back then!

Ryu and Maria

Perhaps the most sad love story of all. Ryu and Rie were once together as a couple but lost her one day when Vyram attacked. Little did Ryu know that his beloved Rie was taken by Vyram and for some stupid reason, Radiguet made Rie into Maria. As a Vyram, Maria had a genuine partnership with Gure who could care less who won while Radiguet had feelings for her. The fact that Radiguet lusts after Maria while Ryu loves her complicates stuff. Ryu discovers Maria was actually a brainwashed Rie complicated the situation even further. Her death was so sad to look at. I mean, really I wanted Ryu and Rie to be together and Gai Yuki and Kaori to be together. Screw Inoue's love for tragedies!

Daigo and Kujaku

Typically a tragedy version of Ah My Goddess! So here you kill Belldandy at the end of it! Now I thought this was a real tear jerker by Kunio Fuji who sadly never became a head writer and always was a sub-writer. I really love the choice Daigo made in letting her go for the greater good. In the end, Kujaku repaid Daigo's selflessness by getting rid of the other Gara (which may be that Gara's hatred got personified sometime later in the series) to fully allow Gara to reach her full redemption.

Media Magician and Lin

After Kazunori Inaba guest starred in Fiveman as a possible love interest to Kasumi, here was real drama built up. Kazunori's role here was the Media Magician who initially wanted to get rid of Lin but guess what? He fell for her because of her act of kindness. This didn't go so well for Gara either who despicably ended his life.

Tatsuya and Yuuri

This was that "if only I can turn back time" romances this time 1,000 years in the future. Okay it's not as complex as Time Force's (which Wes has a love triangle for Jen with his descendant Alex) but still, it's pretty teary eyed.

Asuka and Mahoro

They were separated during their wedding night and Mahoro became Jannu via brainwashing. Unlike Ryu and Rie, they had their happy ending.

Hoji and Teresa

It may only be one episode but still that episode was pretty sad. Hoji was dating a Mikean girl named Teresa and he had to choose between duty and love. Sad to say this is the last we'll see of them.

Sen and Umeko

So what in the world took them a long time to tie the knot? I wanted to cry over that one that they weren't married yet in 10 Years After. They showed a lot of chemistry in Dekaranger so why weren't hey just married off-screen?


Jarmin and Zimba

For two monstrous individuals, they did have feelings for each other. Zimba was once a violent demon who fell for a princess but was rejected and became a hate loving monster. Jarmin was jealous that other girls had love and she hasn't. In episode 27, Zimba offers to fight in Jarmin's place. When Zimba died, Jarmin felt saddened. Just imagine I felt sorry for a bitch after all she did!

Yamimaru and Kirika

So what do you get when two teenagers with bad attitude are Nagare Bouma? You get a whole load of trouble! They weren't just bad guys, they had a background story of being rejects because they were both half-human and half-demon. The whole affair between them has formed a powerful love that led to Yamimaru's redemption in the end.

Griforther and Lami

Before I saw Zyuranger, I already hypothesized Goldar and Scorpina were a couple. In Zyuranger, they are married. So yeah, pretty much that I liked them as well. They were a pretty good battle couple.

Bacchushund and Hysteria

Okay they didn't last long but even for a villain couple, they are really a favorite. I just thought of them as lovey-dovey despite villainy. I felt sad for Hysteria to see Bacchushund's defeat and eventually his final death (as a head).

Buldont and Maruchiwa

So yeah, Buldont was force grown into an adult and he married Maruchiwa. I just thought that they were also pretty fun as a villainous couple. In the end, they both died in battle together in their attempt to eradicate the human race.

Yabaiba and Tsuetsue

Despite being the recurring villains of Gaoranger, it was fun to see how hateful creatures can really care for each other. I felt sorry for Yabaiba to see Tsuetsue die. It was nice of him to put himself at risk to see him back. Pretty much fun to watch!

Rio and Mele

Okay they did later return as heroes but they were villains for most of Gekirangers. Mele's devotion to Rio-sama was really one of the best romances the show ever has. I felt like the whole Rio's feelings for Mele and vice-versa made them kind of redeemable at the end of the series.

Updated: February 10, 2017


  1. Wait, wait, wait: there's a sentai romance remaining: Momoko/Pink Mask (Kanako Maeda) falls in love with Hikaru (Jou Ishiwata)! Please post a romance between Hikaru and Momoko, Ray and Kanna, played by Ishiwata and Maeda!

  2. Is it ok to include Daigo x Amy and Nossan x Candlia

    1. Uh I got bored with Kyoryuger... =P

    2. Oh I didn't know,but that's ok people have different opinions


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