First Episode Impressions of ToQGer

Well we have the Utsunomiya/Kobayashi team.  Now looking at what I personally think of the first episode:

First impression of the Toqgers.  We have the names Right, Tokatti, Kio, Hikari and kagura.  So what do I think of them?  Too early to think but Tokatii almost looks like a Japanese version of Noah from Megaforce, made me think did Noah have a half-Japanese cousin?  Just kidding actually.  For their background story, well they were kidnapped as children, not infants by the Shadow Liner and fortunately they weren't taken away to another solar system like in Flashman or it'd be copying too much from Soda era.  We know how Yasuko Kobayashi also likes to recycle aside from Toshiki Inoue.

Next it's the power of imagination.  Now for Takaaki Utsunonomiya himself might be an Akibaranger fan for all we know.  Aside from the shout out to Kamen Rider Den-O with its trains (and it does remind me of GogoV in a way), we have the power of imagination except they aren't fighting against delusions.  No the battle isn't entirely in their heads.  I had my thoughts that I hope this concept will be used to better direction.  Now will Toei try to get Toshiki Inoue to be its sub-writer?  Inoue could bungle this up.  For Naruhisa Arakawa, I wish he can be the sub-writer here to help Kobayashi with comedy.

We have the mentor Conductor and the robot assistant Wagon.  I don't like Wagon's design nor the suit designs but a good story can always make up for that.  Now they're on their own Den-Liner and delusions.  Just my thought, I wish Takashi Ukaji were Conductor though but that's just wishful thinking. Now I wish Maaya Uchida will appear as an ally of sorts or as Conductor's child.  Also if the ToQGers are dead, so what's next?

That's all for now!


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