My Thoughts on Saban Skipping Gobusters for Kyoryuger

I just read from Henshin Grid that Saban Brands is skipping Gobusters for Kyoryuger.  By looking at it, why has Toei even approved of their partner Saban Brands from doing so?  Here's my fan opinion and this is probably one PR season I'm totally skipping (again):

Gobusters being skipped was probably due to its low ratings in Japan and two, maybe it's just too "old school" at the same time.  While I thought it could have become a sequel to RPM but let's think this over.  RPM is based on Go-onger which had a lot of toys.  Gobusters has very few items that could be made toys.  I could also look at how Gobusters as a series, probably even Toei wasn't glad about it.  So possibly they may have made changes with the Toei/Saban agreement to skip it entirely.  There won't be much toys for Toei to sell if Saban adapts this season so I guess it's a mutual agreement.  Maybe even Toei made Saban skip Gobusters, who knows?  It looks like this- Kougami Foundation is Saban Brands and Toei is the real power that holds its existence.

Why Saban is having a contract with Nickelodeon until 2016 is something.  Really it slowed down PR Samurai to TWO YEARS and TWO SEASONS and the same thing is happening with PR Megaforce leaving Saban behind schedule.  Plus I don't know why Toei even approved of Saban's contract with Nickelodeon either.  Saban should look for another TV station and Toei should consider that too.  Nickelodeon had great shows in the past but it's not fit for handling Power Rangers.  Power Rangers is NOT a sitcom like Victorious!  To be honest, Nickelodeon should just focus on making teen sitcoms and cartoons for kids, but they should imo not do Power Rangers anymore looking that I have to WAIT TOO LONG for Super Megaforce.  So yeah, if Nickelodeon Japan wants to air Super Sentai for a marathon, fine but keep Nickelodeon away from Power Rangers because of its scheduling.

I'd probably also put the "blame" to MMPR nostalgia again.  Kyoryuger is popular to kids, lots of toys from it so maybe, again Toei and Saban may have both gotten greedy (again).  So what's the point?  I guess Saban loved the dinosaur theme so much, back to MMPR nostalgia but please NO MORE overusing Jason David Frank!  Also I hope Nickelodeon doesn't split this one to keep Saban in schedule.  I thought also with Kyoryuger having more in-suit footage than not, I guess Saban's probably playing it cheap this time (which I think is bad, really bad).  Then again, Saban is really the Cake Boss of America!  Kyoryuger has a lot of toys to sell so more money for Toei.


  1. As 2013 was the 20th anniversary of MMPR. Toei really did not care if Saban wanted Gobusters or not. Haim got very excited with $ in both his eyes and brains when he saw the special advance preview of Kyoryugers. Plenty of toys to be sold, and great dynamic "ratings" because of all 12 Rangers and of course Dinosaurs!

    As always, I am not excited to see Saban's version as it's not important ever.

    But I would not be surprised as JDF returns in this PR incarnation as Kyoryu Silver???
    For only 15 minutes of what I saw, I thought his part as Abare Black in Dinothunder worked better then Asuka! JDF played both the experienced mentor and warrior of which I wanted to see in Asuka in Abare Ranger.

    Overall, the intentions where noble with Gobusters. It was not about toys, but drama as the intention. But the characters was so badly written that the very low ratings did not help and it's a coincidence that the show is skipped by Saban.

    Let Saban have Kyoryugers as I think Toei did it not for the generation if Japan but for Saban Enterprise and Entertainment.

  2. Gobus was one of those sentai I got hardcore into at the start and tapered off around episode 15 or so, it just felt like so much filler. I caught the important episodes later and absolutely loved the Gobuster movie (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Returns vs. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters). The Engrish "LETS DRIVING!" made things tons of fun for me.

    However I think there was just so much out of suit or suit but no helmet action that the time, money and work wouldn't really be worth it. Besides, Kids love dinosaurs and trains. Tons more merch with so many rangers in Kyoryuger, as you said, and to quickly follow that up hopefully after a full season (not this half season garbage), with Choo Choo rangers, they could have some amazing toy sale numbers on their hands, which is the goal anyways.

    Back to my feelings on the sentai
    Once we moved to Kyo though I really enjoyed the campiness of the whole thing, it felt VERY MMPR style for better or worse, and I hope they keep that fun and positive vibe for the american show. Original Megaforce felt like it wanted to be serious but turned out campy rather than Campy and fun.


  3. After the MMPR nostalgia, i'm pretty sure Saban would wanna tie the story with MMPR and/or Dino Thunder somehow

  4. I hope the season/SUPER season stops, but I know it won't.

  5. Kyouryuger had not much better ratings than Go-busters. It more likely the toy sales. Go-busters toys sold poorly Kyoryuger did not sell poorly.

  6. I heard that Judd Lynn is returning for Dino Charge, plus, after seeing some character profiles on casting calls, something tells me Dino Charge will be different from Kyoryuger.

    1. Well that will be good. Too bad Judd Lynn didn't do Power Rangers Samurai. =P


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