My Fan Type No. 4- The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Fan Type

So I presented Sentai fans who are neutral about Power Rangers, Kamen Rider fans who like Super Sentai even if they like Kamen Rider more, the Gai Ikari types who love Sentai best but treat other Toku wtih respect but what about the Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan type?  Do they love both sides equally?  Maybe not always but they do like both franchises and may be respectful of other Toku they don't like.

Mr. Smith and I actually are in this category.  Now don't get me wrong I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers or even Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes (but I dislike most of Saban's adaptations because of poor execution) and I really don't like other Toku types these days but I don't show unfair hatred.  Mr. Smith for one is the super non-biased guy and probably is the true to this type of fan than I am because I really go with Toku at general.

One are those who love Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  It's either choice or cultural.  In my case, it's pretty cultural that I develop certain degree of reasons why I don't like Power Rangers or like Power Rangers less.  In my case, I'll probably say I'm also liking Super Sentai because of its got more crack value and really solid stories (in the 80s-90s).  For Sentai humor post-Timeranger (except Gobusters) most of it really has a load of lmao, crack and dozens more crack.

One may be those who love Power Rangers more than Super Sentai.  Again it could be cultural but one word again is "respect".  After all, Power Rangers was born because Toei realized that America is a different market than Asia.  However when it comes to humor, I really appreciate Sentai's lmao humor over Power Rangers' rather can get rather disappointing humor but still, I respect the franchise overall.  Then again I can go neutral to like then to neutral about Power Rangers, they really don't contribute that much "crack" to me at all as Super Sentai does.

As said, whether you are a Gentaro, an Akagi, a Gai Ikari or this type we are all part of the Sentai fandom, not Sentai fantarddom.  And to the writer Gokaimaster who wrote the real Gokaiger vs. Samurai crossover and not that awful hate fic, I hope he finishes his fic soon it's taking too long for a supposedly not meant to be long fic (like my fics Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom and the ongoing Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron)


  1. I don't know anybody out there who loves both Sentai and PR.

    1 thing for sure, I am lucky to only meet Super Sentai/ Rider/ Toku fans only.

    Though I am not going to deny it that during the 90s before internet is now the norm. My pen pal was both a PR and Sentai fan(especially Jetman!!!!!)

    When I told her the ending of the series she was heartbroken of Gai Yuuki's fate.(this was 1996 before YouTube was available).
    I felt disgusted of her with her PR fan stories as I was a total Toku Extremist and I broke ties with her

    I remember I use to draw her pics of Burai, Ko, Ninjaman, and Riki. I wish I had copies of those they where my best ambitious art works nor did I knew I had artistic abilities.


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