A Runthrough of Super Sentai Team Cannons

Super Sentai had a history with cannons.  Now for a look at them...

The Big Bomber in JAKQ was introduced during the time Big One arrived and became the team leader.  Pretty primitive stuff really.

Battle Fever J had the Penta Force cannon which was created by combining five sticks... the concept was later reused in Changeman, Flashman and Timeranger.

The Changeman had their Change Bazooka since the beginning to the end of the show.  It did get a power up when Ahames arrived to destroy her barrier.

Changeman did take things "too far".  Well I love how the Rolling Vulcan is so awesome a weapon!

Maskman was the first time a show had two cannons- the first one the Shot Bomber was destroyed by Kiros, the Jet Cannon was crated to replace it.  I thought that the Jet Cannon was cooler with its flying features while the Shot Bomber does seem odd with the backpack. =P

Liveman had the Bimotion Buster and the Triple Bazooka (which was assembled by the three primary weapons).  The Bimotion Buster was the finishing move, the Triple Bazooka was more of a counterattack.

Turboranger did introduce this later when Yamimaru arrived.  I thought that it did have the "realistic angle" with the story with how it was introduced- an experiment then a successful implementation.

Fiveman's Arthur G6 android assistant became the team cannon in later episodes.  I found the idea to be very interesting indeed.

Jetman had the Jet Striker becoming the Fire Bazooka.  This weapon had been the most powerful team attack and I love its phoenix symbolism bursting out of it.  For me, it's also shown times of flaws more than the other cannons like when it failed to destroy Mu, didn't destroy Ramu and Gogu, it just injured Juuza and Tranza and later Radiguet destroyed this when Ryu tried to use an auto-fire on him.

Zyuranger's Howling Cannon was what I'd call taking Liveman's Triple Bazooka to a whole new level.

The Chi Power Bazooka in Dairanger is really one awesome weapon introduced in episode 30.  I thought this went over tradition because Ryouranger mounted this on his shoulder to operate it!

Ohranger's Ohre Bazooka was pretty tinier than its predecessors but packs quite a punch.

Carranger's Giga Booster was kind of "odd shaped" for me but never mind, it did the job it had to do!

Timeranger's Vortech Bazooka would be nostalgic to Changeman's Change Bazooka and Flashman's Rolling Vulcan though it didn't kill its targets.

The Hurricangers' Victory Gadget was pretty much a huge weapon.

The D-Bazooka in Dekaranger is the second AI robot friend to turn into the team cannon.  I thought this was a pretty badass weapon and a redefinition of the robotic man's best friend.

The Geki Bazooka from Gekiranger showed some constraints since the Gekirangers needed to gather energy at a fast rate.  It had a pretty realistic approach in implementation if you ask me!

The Super Highway Buster in Go-onger for me was one awkward looking weapon with all their weapons assembled.

The Gosei Buster of Gosiegers for me wasn't anything special but it does look cool for me with how their five weapons got combined.

Gokaiger had the Super Sentai Cannon in the 199 Hero Movie and the Gokai Galleon Buster during the series which Doc created with inspiration from the Ohrangers' greater power.


  1. Like any Toku series, props have been as much of a highlight since characters vehicles.

    Though they where extremely poor with the hand weapons department. Changeman did started the team cannon boom(no pun intended).

    From Maskman-Turboranger a snazzy background music made the use of their cannon even higher impact. And by the way those three cannons are my favorites.

    Jetmans Firebazooka meant well and it was a cool idea. But the prop itself did not match the actual dune buggy in size as the wheels and seat, well everything is smaller then the Jet Striker.

    Reguarding to Carranger, you posted the wrong pic and the Giga Boost is a homage to Maskmans' Jet Cannon.

    Go Go V had the flimsy looking Live Bird.

    Abareranger had the sloppy howling cannon of the Dino Bomber and when Abare Killer reformed it was called the Superior Dino Bomber.

    And not your favorite, Gobusters was also in the budgeted weapons citation. They did have the Lioh Canon and a selected individual can do the honors in using it. I guess we can compare it to Shinkengers MouGyu Cannon, or Boukengers Dual Cannon.

    Also series such as, Megarangers, Gingaman, GoGo V has done it too. Those team have no team cannons that all 5-6 can hold and fire but they do.have either scattered connected hand rifles that can fire a finishing blast or their individual cannon fired simultaneously to finish off the monster.

    Kakurangers does not have a team cannon, but besides the rugby attack which is another topic they use a motor cycle crash finish which is also another topic to discuss.

    If you are into a specific Sentai team that is a favorite considered that they are blessed and you lucked out that they have a team cannon.

    Inorder to stay unique, we can't all have team cannons or a 6 man team -_+ .


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