Hurricanger Cast Reunion

Despite the end of their series, it's a good thing to see their friendship last. =)


  1. Set aside Boukengers and Shinkengers, Hurricaneger is my quintessential 2000s series and it is good to see that the main cast are not ashame of their Sentai past. I don't know if Hurricaneger is as popular as Goggle V, Bioman or Jetman via ratings or fandoms but this is the only series that will get a conclusion special 11 years after the series finished!!!! Wish they can do one for Maskman,Liveman or Zyurangers.

    P.S. Another Sentai Real life romance both Ishou and Furabijou was engaged. I wonder if the relationship even last , I thought Wendino and Furabijou are sexy femme fatales.

  2. Nanami has showed for many times with many hair style. I still like her first hair style

  3. oh yeah, Cyber9989's comment reminds me that once Hiroki Suzuki attended in a scientist variety show, but I forget the name, the host did some funny action and told him that Jyuken sentai also did it, right? Hiroki Suzuki seem not really happy. I think this is what Cyber9989 said that some sentai cast are ashame of their sentai past.

    1. A shiny example is Time Red, his 1st appearance in that genre is Spielban and then Timerangers. He never ever wants to talk about Toku ever and I don't know which actors from past Sentai series but they will not even put Sentai or Rider in their resume'. Anyway I would not care is Suzuki has a attitude about his past as I think he is a un impressive actor.

    2. Oh, really? I think they thought it was a kid show and they played like kid, hehe. But I think there are many adult toku fan and toku series has already caught era, so it is not longer for kid, right? So I think Timered shouldn't be so ashame lah hor....

      Add: the most trend sentai series, I think, is Shinkenger, because the main character seem like idol drama character, hehehe

    3. The only actor I know who is very proud of his Sentai past, is Kazuhiko Nishimura aka Jou Oohara Yellow Lion of Liveman. He is a very successful t.v. actor and after 23 years he reprise his role in Gokaigers. Liveman is one of my favorite series they should have gotten the rest Gokaigers as.they appear in the series!


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