Kyuranger 27: Indasion Of The Clones

It's the Indasion of the Clones by the Indavers... pun intended. In this episode, we get a fun clip show while the Kyurangers try to drive out the soldiers from within. It's a funny episode with some cool recollection of some of the series' milestones. 

There are just times in Super Sentai we've never seen villains unmasked whether they be footsoldiers or generals. I remembered how we never saw Bubba's face in Changeman or Lar Deus' face in Flashman to name a few. I guess there are times we're left to imagine how they look underneath. On the other hand, we see the chestnut like shapes and we learn they're genetically modified soldiers. They also try to try play sympathetic which was too predictable.

I could also feel the bit of conflict of Tsurugi with the others. I mean, I was more in favor of his decision to throw the caught goons into the Time Hole. Spada is kind of naive which sort of irritates me. I feel like this show is telling me to learn to adjust to another group of young people which I used to be part of. 

It's too predictable that the captured Indavers were lying that they were spies. Their indasion of the Orion is probably one not too well thought plan. The Jark Matter could have sent them as suicide bombers and just blow up the ship ASAP. I guess Super Sentai villains get too confident or stupid which usually leads to their long strings of defeat. 

It's time travel gone wrong. Is it me or is the CGI dinosaur which was probably taken straight from Kyoryuger. Since this is an entirely different universe then don't expect the Zyurangers or their ancestors to show up.

I find this scene funny where a roll call backfires. Is it me or is it weird how Super Sentai roll calls end up with explosions at the back in a lot of seasons. I guess they felt the wrath of Michael Bay in this scene. Speaking of which, I wish Millionfold will resume subbing Dynaman with the finished batch so I can write more about it but no episode by episode reviews. 

What was funny to think is that Shou Ronpou's weakness is similar to Doggie Kruger's. They both have a weak back. Too bad we never saw him in the out-of-suit fight scene. 

The out of suit scene was cool in its own way. Too bad Shou Ronpou was too hurt o stand up. I also like how it was ended with a reckless move by Tsurugi doing a last minute henshin to destroy the five stupid Indavers thus stopping their Indasion.

Next week will be a Naga focus episode. How they'll get Naga back to their side is still unknown. 


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