Kyuranger 24: The Phoenix's Rage, The Lion's Roar

This week's episode is quite predictable with what happens to Tsurugi Ootori. I gave a thought on how things are with both sides. Tsurugi has trouble letting go of his past and Lucky doesn't want to accept him. I think I would have done the same thing if I were in their situation. Tsurugi acts all tough all because of his past. Lucky's the opposite as he acts all carefree to make up for his past. Either way, I think both approaches tend to happen to just anyone.

In this week's episode, the Vice Shogun Tecchu brings his monster Gabbler with him. This is starting to bring pieces of everything together. They show they're not to be joked with as they capture the other Kyurangers. 

The other Kyurangers are forcibly trapped in Gabbler's systme. I wish they made the scene a little scarier here but I guess we're going to get parental complaints. Anyway, they're about to be digested and it's been like the nth time people in Super Sentai are at the risk of getting digested. Last I remembered was that Dora Boogaran ate the rest of the Zyurangers or Seelon nearly got digested by a Violent Demon. Can anybody name any more past incidents similar to this?

This time, Don Armage is getting more active and hopefully he will start getting fleshed out. So he's showing himself to be an illusion. Is this guy like Star King Bazoo in Changeman or is he a human with massive magical abilities? I'd like to guess he's actually a powerful sorcerer who rules the Universe and maybe, just maybe we're seeing his ghostly projection here.

We get a view of what Tsurugi's past was like. He gathered 88 warriors some 300 years ago to help battle Don Armage and free the Universe but it was in vain. Is it me or does it feel like that Kyuranger actually takes place in the year 2317 and we're still in 2017? 

The loss of his good friend Kuervo of the Corvus System. I don't blame Tsurugi for acting the way he did. He saw his friends die right in front of him risking their lives. Kuervo became a shield and that was in vain. Don Armage managed to survive the assault.

We also see how frightful Don Armage can get. Is he like that Ultraman villain (forgot the name) since I haven't been watching Ultraman like for ages. Regardless, I'm glad that there's some nightmare fuel with this guy. He's intimidating and destructive. As of right ow, I assume he's probably human sized but like Count Radiguet in Jetman... he could momentarily project astral projections of himself in giant form. 

The two manage to put their differences aside. Shou Ronpou fights the Vice Shogun  Tecchu in battle. Both of them combine the rage of the phoenix and the roar of the lion in one deadly package saving everyone. Now it's time for something both awkward and awesome.

I admit I haven't been too fond of last year's cube mecha with Zyuohger but I think this year's Kyuranger brings in a lot of cool stuff. This time, we see both rangers pilot the Kyutamajin which uses the other orbs to complete it. I have a hunch we might see the Cluster Mecha make a comeback anytime soon. 

Sidenote, this is really not surprising. Tecchu uses the monster of the week as a shield. It somewhat serves as the anti-thesis of Tsurugi hating the fact that people became his shield. 

Yes, he's now officially part of the time. I hope Toei won't be adding any more characters because it could derail the plot. But as far as I'm concerned, Tsurugi is my favorite character in the show.

Next week is a Kotaro-focused episode. It will take place in the Planet Tocky. It's going to involve the Horologium Kyutama Globe. I'm thinking is Tsurugi really going to try and find out what happened in the past or is he going to have a failed attempt to change history? I can't wait to ride my rocket ship to find out!


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