Kyuranger 26: Dangerous Emotions

This week's Kyuranger deals with Naga. While I do appreciate some character development for Naga but I feel this is a bit of a drag. I guess I'm too anxious to travel back in time or what? Anyway, I hope next week will get better. So where do we go? 

The new Vice Shogun Akenba unleashes her specialty to make people overly emotional. This is where Naga falls down and I hope it brings some character development. 

She offers Naga the chance to have his emotions. This is a real issue that the show brings up. I really call this deal with a villain to be typical but it can be good depending on how well it's written. 

We see more of the Orphiucius System and what really happened. They were an overly emotional people. To stop wars they abandoned emotion and individuality. Talk about the opposite extremes. I guess this 

The unleashing of emotions doesn't happen in a good way. He becomes twisted and evil inside which results to a huge dilemma the Kyurangers must face. How will they redeem Naga? While it's predictable that they'll free him but I wish it will happen in a good way.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see the time traveling plot. What will happen when we see the past? Will Tsurugi find out the truth? I assume that there's going to be some partial origin story of Don Armage. I hope the writers and producers will create something worthwhile even if it's going to be predictable. 

Next week is also the battle for the Orion. I can't wait to see some suitless action as well as some morphed action against the Indavers. Oh, indaver is a play on the word invader.