Jetman Enemies: Vyram Analysis

Okay I've written spotlights on Tranza and Radiguet but I guess this won't hurt either for showing more thoughts about them that never entered my head.  So here's a little bit of what I thought about Vyram- they are basically competing for power, all except for Gure who has partnered with Maria.  Now here's what I thought of them individually...


This guy is what I'd call a really huge major SOB, frightening and in fact really frightening fellow that gave me nightmares as a child especially when he does that disturbing laugh of his or how he really is that menacing.  I dunno but he does have much of a wicked charm that makes him one of my favorite bad guys.  What can I say about him?  Well he's a de-facto leader because of his power and with all that power, it drives him insane throughout the series while still having some cunning left to deal with his enemies.  What makes him really despicable is that he has been given some chances to reform yet he chooses to remain the cruel, genocidal maniac he really is and has killed people who try to change him- like his one time girlfriend Saki.  I just thought it was satisfying for me to see him kill Juuza and much later, get even with Tranza through a massive double cross.  I just thought also his character would have created other evil characters like Shaddam in Dairanger, Long in Gekiranger or Basco in Gokaiger, those SOBs that make a series very interesting.

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Okay what do I have to say?  I haven't done a focus on her or maybe I won't.  So I just had my thoughts that Maria was perhaps really left me saying, "Is she Rie Aoi or not?"  Then we later learn she is Rie Aoi, or to some they already know she is Rie Aoi brainwashed by Radiguet.  Why Radiguet drifted Rie Aoi, brainwashed her and turned her into Maria is something I'd say is creepy.  Did he have a crush on her before that?  Then later, she develops a rivalry with her unrequited lover Radiguet while she did become an item with Gure, a pretty awkward combination if you ask me.  Later when Ryu knows what we already know about her, it becomes a driving force to the series.  Ryu wanted her to resume being her.  Later, Radiguet does go as far as to turn her into a bloody monster (literally) and it's a pity she got into a lot of self-pity after she was restored from her false self the second time.  What a pity she didn't even accept help from the Jetmen when they wanted to heal her and how sad she asked Ryu to erase their past.  Sad... sad... I just felt sorry for her a lot.


Now what do I have to say?  Well I hated him while he was a kid, the more I hated him even more when he forcibly accelerated himself to be an adult.  Why?  For me, he's annoying arrogant and he's always kicking around my favorite villain Radiguet or two, he does remind me of people I dislike.  So okay, he's a cruel little child villain who does considerable damage, soon everybody in Vyram mocked him so he later uses all his powers to accelerate to be an adult.  So he does become a real threat to the Jetmen, yet I always hated him for what he did to Radiguet.  All I can say was I was just glad that Radiguet managed to double cross this guy!  Ha- I never felt sorry for this guy at all.  I'm glad he's somewhere in the mental hospital although I wish Radiguet just massacred this guy for fun.  Not that he's lousy, it's pretty personal I don't like the character but kudos to Takumi Hirose for playing him well because he made Tranza oh so satisfying to watch being crushed by his pride.

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Compared to the rest of the Vyram, he's pretty the most logical.  In fact, it was disappointing he chose to fight Gai Yuki instead of redeeming himself some other way.  So where do I start?  He does develop feelings for Maria even as a robot, or that he's ironically a villain with a good side.  I just thought that he does know how to care for Maria, he thinks logically and all makes him a pitiable character.  It was sad to see him see Maria turn into a monster and later die in his arms.  Oh how sad.  I might even make a spotlight on him soon.