Sentai Villains of Blind Loyalty

I just thought I might pay a tribute to villains of blind loyalty.  Tell me if I missed anything...

Farrah Cat was blindly loyal to Farrah.

Fuumin was blindly loyal to her mistress Igam.  In fact, she even shielded Igam from death.

For some apparent reason, Oyobur remained loyal to Emperor Zeba even until he discovered Zeba's true identity.  I just find it very stupid why he chose to take Zeba's orders to die.

Zaza in Fiveman was blindly loyal to Dordora.

Most of the Zone were blindly loyal to the point that even after discovering Medor's true identity, most of them chose to serve Zone anyway except for Dordora and Zaza.  Chevalier fought for Vulgyre to the very end, even until death.

Grey was blindly loyal to Maria.  In fact, he cared less about winning his bet against Radiguet and Tran.

Shizuka herself was blindly loyal to Gekkou.  She even risked herself to kill Yaiba.

Shitari was blindly loyal to Doukoku.


  1. In Liveman, Guardnoid Gash served Bias with no question, Griforcer and Puri Puri Kashi were extremely loyal to Bandra. Megaranger, Shiburona was loyal to Doctor Hinelar as she is a Gynoid who is based on his own daughter.

  2. I like your list but is it me reading into episodes too much or was something off with Farrahcat? It just seems like somethings up with her though not sure what.


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