Maskman Enemy Analysis: Tube and Kiros

I just wanted to do an analysis of the Tube and the stray enemy Kiros (although he did ally with Tube).  Well I just thought I wanted to give the others an analysis though I did some spotlight on Zeba, Kiros and Igam already.  But oh well...

Emperor Zeba

Well he's one mysterious, kinda obviously not human to us every time we saw a close up of his face.  Or maybe not.  But I just thought that he's one of the scariest villains ever.  Hearing his natural voice in Japanese, wow he's that scary!  I really thought that his character development in Maskman has gone from dark to darker to darkest, especially when his true identity as the new Lethal Dobler the most powerful underground monster ever was revealed.  Okay so why he ate his own parent the mother Lethal Dobler was DISGUSTING!  I really just thought that he was one major SOB manipulating everyone underground and above just for his selfish reasons.

Princess Igam

Well while she was called "prince" it was obvious to the audience but not to her fellow characters (but some knew her secret already) that she was a woman raised as a man.  I just thought she's really awesome with how a woman like her would dare fight against a man, especially Takeru.  So okay why would she the rightful heir to the throne serve an usurper like Zeba?!  I also had my O_o with how her not-so-obvious secret wasn't discovered so easily. :P


Well I thought of her as a "Farrah Cat ripoff" along with Zaza as a child but she was still awesome nonetheless.  So she does have some true friendship with the Igam clan as a bodyguard and an honorable rivalry with Haruka/Yellow Mask.  What I really thought of her was that it was pretty cool to see her fight against Haruka especially out of suit.  I just thought though her friendship with Igam was that close to the point she gave her life for her best friend.  Sad.  I really felt sorry for her when that happened.


Baraba what can I say?  I just thought that he's pretty much not very bright and mostly brawn.  I thought he was pretty much of a scoffer, perhaps a bumbler and I just didn't like him at all as a villain.  Well it was pretty creepy that he did get the Holy Prism Sword but he didn't get any smarter.  So it's only normal he was the first commander Zeba would sentence to death.  Then it comes his shaky alliance with Kiros that resulted to Oyobur's refusal to help him for despising the emperor's methods.  Heh, I wonder why Igam cried after she saw him dead at Red Mask's hands?!


Well here's all I can say- a mysterious ninja who resembles DC hero Flash, with the control of fire and having absolute loyalty to his emperor.  Why?  He was loyal to Baraba only when Baraba was loyal to the emperor.  Next, I just thought of it that he was more of a noble villain than the rest especially when he refused to help Kiros free Ial from the ice encasement.  Or I should really add with how he chose to remain loyal to Zeba even after he discovered Zeba's real identity.


Small but terrible is all I can say about this bad guy.  Well he is also Zeba's loyal adviser.  Whether or not he was a Dobler beast is still unknown but one thing is for certain, he does really cause trouble behind the scenes like how he manipulates certain events through deceit.  I really thought he could have been the mold for Zyuranger's Pleprechaun.  Well I do say he's one creepy guy and I thought it was badass for him to deal with the Maskmen even if it meant dying.


Well I thought pretty standard but dangerous.  I doubt it that they're easily lured by chicks.


Perhaps the most interesting villain in Maskman and my favorite one, he wasn't really a member of Tube though he allied with them hoping to get Ial for himself which added Takeru a third rival to deal with and the second with Ial involved.  I thought he was pretty cool being able to destroy the Shot Bomber giving the Maskmen a real reason to be afraid, be very afraid.  He knows Takeru likes Ial and vice versa, he can't allow Ial to go anywhere but to him.  While he did like Ial or he was a false hero to some girl who had a crush on him, I always thought why he never went for Momoko if he liked hot chicks.  And I thought his death was one of the most karmic ones ever- he didn't die at the hands of the Maskmen which would have been a pretty standard death, instead he died as a result of his lust for Ial.