Jetman Team Analysis

Well now it's time to pay tribute to what my heart would still call as, "The best Super Sentai of all time." or maybe not... hee hee.  I just thought I'm still stuck to Jetman and these guys and I'm gushing...

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk

Well maybe some of you complain of Kotaro Tanaka's lack of acting but I was pretty fine with it for Super Sentai standards.  Now on to the character- I just thought while he seems pretty standard with any human characters with all the character flaws around but I just thought that I could relate to him quite a bit or if not much.  Okay, I just thought that while he tries to remain tough on the outside, we do see that he was trying to hide the fact he could not let go of Rie and I just thought that's one major area I could relate to.  So far, he does show real professionalism as a soldier and putting priorities in the front line, yet ironically he ends up breaking his own rules when he discovers that his beloved Rie had become Maria of Jetman.  I do feel sorry a lot for him all because of that and two, I just had my thoughts that he and Gai Yuki did have some rivalry to friendship development.  Seriously, I just thought that his loving a shadow and all was just too painful.  As for his character flaw of finally breaking down when Rie died, I thought it was written pretty well especially it showed how human he really was.  Well he could have been used to mold other characters like Satoru Akashi as well.

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Gai Yuki/Black Condor

A gambler, womanizer... not a likely choice yet it was destiny that chose this condor and lone wolf to be a Super Sentai warrior.  Okay he does start off to be a jerk like his Gatchaman counterpart Joe Asakura (too bad he never had the feather darts) yet he does reveal he can be a nice guy, but a nice guy in denial and a badass fighter rolled into one.  Well I just thought that I could never understand why he got into that love triangle with Ryu for Kaori but maybe it was because Kaori was quite different from most girls he met.  Others were too easy, somehow Kaori did appeal to him although the relationship didn't last long but the two remained friends as is.  For his rivalry with Gure, I would say it's not pretty standard because Gure wasn't that much of a jerk for a Vyram commander and two, there wasn't much personal issues between them compared to Masumi and Yaiba.  After all, he did have some near death moments which really showed he was pretty human after all.  I just had my beef with his unrealistic mugging scene where he didn't bleed or that Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's 28th episode "Wings Forever" didn't mention how he died.  But regardless, it was cool to see him as a ghost in Gokaiger 28 and the actor himself Toshihide Wakamatsu for doing that episode despite the fact he had already left Tokusatsu for quite some time.  Now Gai Ikari just want to ask, "Hey why can't I see you?!" or why did they term him as "missing" for that episode.  Well Toshihide Wakamatsu did revive Gai Yuki for awhile as a ghost.

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Raita Ooshi/Yellow Owl

Well it's been some time since we had a fat yellow male ranger since Goranger's Kiranger.  So okay, I just thought not only is he fat but he's also near-sighted.  What I thought is that he's a farmer and all, so he's got a great love for nature.  While hesitant to fight at first but he wasn't a rebel like Gai Yuki.  I just gave some thoughts on why he and Gai Yuki hardly fought or why the two became buddies even if they do think differently at times.   I just felt sorry for him with how he supported the Ryu/Kaori pairing out of true feelings for Kaori while Gai was after Kaori.  I did also enjoy his character development moments like when he faced his childhood crush Satsuki who he later married or two, against the Tomato King to which he conquered his fear of again, childhood.  It's also enjoyable to see him and Gai team up.  Later, he was known to be now taking organic vegetables to a huge scale!  If he did have a child, I guess he would have named his child Ryu, after Ryu Tendo!

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo/White Swan

I'll just have to say she's the first rich woman to be a heroine.  While living an ordinary boring life at first, she later gets to do something on her own like turning from a rich heiress with no meaning to really facing what life really is.  So okay, I just thought that maybe she never loved her fiance but found it weird how she'd easily fall for Ryu, perhaps I'd call it "elementary" and she was hopelessly in love with him.  Now she later learns more about life when she gets stuck in a bizarre maze where she likes Ryu but Ryu becomes oblivious to her because he's loving a shadow and Gai likes her.  Wow what a mess... then she gets into a relationship with Gai but it never worked, but she remained friends with him.  I did however enjoy how her character developed throughout the series and how she eventually saved Ryu twice in the series- one from being plagued as a vampire and two, helping him overcome his grief of Rie Aoi so maybe it leads to the marriage in itself.  How did they fall for each other?  It's kinda hard to explain.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow

Okay so here's what I think- cute, bright, cheery, nutty and funny which makes my "perfect woman" despite her character flaw of being an airhead.  So she was just an ordinary high school student who later gets trapped in the war to save the world, then again she's with a team of adults rather than fellow teenagers like the Turborangers (her actress Sayuri Uchida did appear in Turboranger...).  I really thought that she was pretty fun to watch even if she didn't have more focus than I wanted.  Well she has her friendship with Kyoko, her tough high school life, her fight against Vyram and what is pretty much worse is when she gets trapped in the more personal areas of the Jetmen.  I just felt sorry for her for her rather screwed up love life- an obsessive guy who made noodles named after her (that was stupid!) or how she later discovered her feelings for Dan of Dimensia too late or perhaps it was hinted she did have feelings for Gai Yuki even if she was a minor that time (then again, this is fan speculation!).  But overall, Ako is still who I enjoy here!


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  2. "The Greatest Sentai Of All Time", is a and probly your opinion. There are other Sentai fans that think the opposite of Jetman. This series is no where near the shadows of Gatchaman or even close. Unlike most of his headstrong military based predecessor and protege' Ryu Tendo is no Takayuki Hiba, Hiryu Tsurugi or Goro Hoshino and he is certainly no Ken Eagle. His character has too much flaws then any Reds I know. We heard of vulnerability but he is too much. I am not getting into Kaori as it is self explanatory. Raita is one dimensional as he has no unique personality as his comedic aspect is glutony. Only 2 of the 5 are promising, Gai and Ako. We know why we love Gai and Ako is a shiny teenager who has alot of qwirks to explore. Vyram, is there only 4 villains to call it a Empire? Radigeut is a poorman's version of Berg Katse. Maria is a puppet with a giant Marshmellow for a hat. Grey and Tran are the only villains that are memorable. Jetman to me is over rated as most of the characters are annoying. And Sean it should Dairanger that is the Analyses.

    1. I just thought of this...

      Ryu Tendo- Yes he's got character flaws, I just thought that I consider him to be one of the greatest red rangers of all time. He's shown the pluses and minuses of real life characters.

      Gai and Ako- Yes they're pretty much interesting. Ako is my crush throughout this series. Gai, disliked him at first but he later became likable showing the nice guy side of him.

      For Radiguet, he is NOT based on Berg Katse. He is based on Count Erun Egobossler of Gatchaman- both have blue skin, extreme insanity and are very cruel to their opponents. I say he's still one of my favorite villains in Super Sentai.

      For Grey, pretty memorable due to his being the least evil Vyram.

      Tran, will always hate him for being annoying. Glad Radiguet finally got even with him in the end.


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