Male vs. Female Rivalries in Super Sentai

I just thought I'd also tackle on rivalries in Super Sentai that were male vs. female.  I just thought this isn't a very manly thing... (thanks to Fantasy Leader for most of the pictures here...)....

In Maskman we had Takeru vs. Igam.  Okay what makes this really disturbing is that while audiences know that Igam is a girl, Takeru thinks Igam is a man!  The revelation of Igam's gender crisis really put Takeru into a moral dilemma especially he would never fight against ladies.

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In Dairanger, the fake Gara showed she was no ordinary woman to mess up with.  I really thought that her rivalry with Daigo was rooted because of Daigo's love for Kujaku.  The fake Gara had no idea she was only a clay puppet created by Shaddam as a replica and not an extension body.  I thought Gara really crossed the line here, while Daigo fought honorably.  The fake Gara was also rivals with Lin as well.

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Hayate and Shelinda also both had intense rivalries in Gingaman.  Shelinda did get a scratch from Hayate in episode 10 which made it really start a fight.  Eventually she did try to use Miharu agaisnt Hayate.  Crud what a bastard!

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Nagare/Go Blue had a rivalry with Denus and he always mocked her.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. In Battle Fever J, Battle Japan and Salome had a few b fight here and there. In Changeman, Change Dragon and Sheema went at it in a few episodes.

  2. Jeannu and Asuka had one too from what I remember

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