Pirates Plus Adventure in Gokaiger... START UP!

Well this is kind of a shout-out to Boukenger or what?  Well the pirates seek adventure, Satoru Akashi is a wild adventurer.  So here's what's going on...

Satoru Akashi is BACK for an adventurer with the quest for the "Heart of Hades" a new Precious that unfortunately...

Restores the really hateful Ryuon to life.  Woah!  Well it's kinda scary to how disfigured Ryuon is right here.  But he really has a lot of hate issues.  The Heart of Hades can bring back the dead.  Go figure.  Now the hellish villain managed to return as a guest.  He has the Heart of Hades right into him for the major reason of revenge.

It was fun seeing Satoru Akashi blend in with some pirates.  The partnership between Marvelous and Satoru is pretty interesting.  Marvelous does get to use Satoru's power to beat Ryuon as well.  


  1. Yes I really liked this episode, first boukenger is my fave sentai series. Also ryuuwon was a hard to defeat proving that veteran villians will be a challenge for the team. Since villians will be coming back in the movie

  2. I really like this episode, first boukenger is my fave sentai series. Also as you said about Akashi it was very nice to see him again. Then there was ryuuwon who was a challenge for the team he never gave up and even deflected the final attacks. Proving that veteran villians could be an issue for the team.


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