Gingaman Nostalgia- Ryouma and Hyuuga in Action

Well it's an intense episode really.  Here's a little bit of what's going on...

Despite the obvious signs of time passing by, we can still recognize the two actors Kazuri Meihara and Teruaki Ogara showed up.  Well, it was kind of nice of Kazuri Meihara to appear here while he didn't in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  Hmmm... I wonder what these guys are doing now?

Another fan-service- Gingaman!!!!  Well, a little "shout out" IMO is that since the Gokaigers come from some "lost galaxy", so it's also a "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" shout out for me.  Anyway, Ryouma does get to see his suit put to good use after he's lost his powers.  Please note that some things are merely my opinions.

Basco is a villain we do love to hate don't we?  He has the other sixth ranger powers and I wonder when will they be retrieved.  I get reminded of Ura's appearance in Gaoranger.  It would be cool to create a chimera monster out of those keys!  Woah!

The power of Black Knight is now with Gai Ikari.  He will put it to better use.  So I wonder what cool stuff will happen now that the power's in his hands?

Next week...

Satoru Akashi will be guest starrring... I wonder what Mitsuomi Takahashi is doing for Tokusatsu?  Last I heard, he also appeared in Hana Kimi.  Also, I wonder who he's dating?

One of the villains we love to hate is back... Ryuon!  He revives and he's back.  Oh yeah, I can't imagine what kind of torture he has for Satoru Akashi.  After all, he did SPEND some time in the Netherworld didn't he?  Or did he master spirit transfer?  Hmmm... I'm guessing it he's inside Gaja's body.  LOL.  Just guesses really. But he's mighty angry after all.  :-P

As for everything else, I wonder how many more Super Sentai characters are guest starring?


  1. Sean, could you please try to stay on topic with your posts? Cause not much was actually said about Gingaman and nostalgia.

    Btw, it's called Kurokishi (Black Knight), not BullBlack (that was the name of the previous Kurokishi user before Hyuuga)

    Also, about your Ryuon comment, please try to keep your fantasies separate from the actual facts about the show.


  2. @Fantasy Leader- Hi nice of you to drop by. Anyway, thanks for clearing my mind up.

  3. @ Sean

    Always a pleasure to drop by. And glad I could help. ^__^ I think it's cool that we're getting a veteran sentai villain returning for the first time, in place of a monster of the week. :D

  4. Your opinion may be that this is a tribute to Lost Galaxy, but true, bare fact is it isn't. There's opinions, then there's cold hard facts. It isn't purposely fanservice to PR-Sentai fans. Fanservice and shout-outs are usually put in purposely, and like I've said in a blog post, sentai writers don't purposely put stuff in there for PR-Sentai fans. They write for a Japanese audience. Use your tropes right, okay. Gingaman was chosen because its more recent, and you had several actors who were still active and wanted to be in it. So can you please stop assuming everything is a fanservice or shout-out for PR fans? It's fanservice to Sentai fans, not PR fans. It pisses some people off.

  5. Wow, this turns out REALLY controversial. But Sean, you may wanna be careful now. Don't try to link every bits of Sentai with Power Rangers. I think the That Chick already said it (though there are more recent series after Gingaman not yet used up to this point. Namely, Hurricaneger and Go-onger... but they will, in the future, I'm sure).

    But one thing I know is that Akashi looks the SAME as he was in Boukenger. Wow, he didn't age that much. Then again it's just 5 years after all.

    Also, just my opinion, but while Ryuuon is despicable, I RAGE'd more on Quester Gai. So perhaps your comment of 'everybody loves to hate' needs to be marked as 'subjective'. Still, perhaps one day I need to make another Sentai 'S.O.B' featuring one of the Boukenger villains. Ryuuon? Gaja? Gai? You never know.

  6. @ChrisX- the picture of Satoru here is just an old photo. Can't find new pictures. :-(

  7. No, really. I saw the preview pics on the show and I think he just hadn't changed a lot.


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