Gai Ikari's Newfound Power

Well there's nothing more crazy than Gai Ikari going bad-ass.  Heh.  Maybe he can really beat Gai Yuuki.

This is crazy.  Well he gets to use the powers of the Go-on Wings all at once.  Hee hee.  I find this creepy.  I wonder how Gem and Gemma will react to this?!

The vision of the sixth rangers (in the case of Abare Killer, fifth and added ranger) is here since he can't decide on which power to use leading to...

The creation of Gai Ikari's battlizer.  Hmmm... this armor is really something.  Sixth rangers who had armor were Burai/Dragon Ranger, Kou/Kibaranger, Riki/Kingranger and Shurikenger.  

This attack is super cool if you ask me.  The powers of the latest additions going together.  It's all the fifteen warrors power.  The Final Wave Gokai Dream really does wonders.


  1. Yea I still find it odd that abarekiller counts, but why not BullBlack? Abaranger only had five memebers so why is he included with the sixth warriors

  2. Abarekiller took the place of the 6th ranger though. If you look at the 6th rangers before they usually are brooding or don't fit the mold of the other sentai rangers.

  3. Looks like Gai may have a new power: creating keys of non-Japanese rangers?
    Looks fake, but who knows?


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