Gai Meets Gai?!

There's been talk from Toshihide Wakamatsu's blog that he'll be showing up in a future episode of Gokaiger.  As of late, he's playing minor roles in J-Drama and in some action films. So who is he married to?  I figured out that it'd be fun to see him but I wanted to see my favorite Jetman, Ryu Tendo instead.  Anyway, I wonder how Gai Yuuki will react to Gai Ikari.  Anyway compared to Takumi Hirose, he still could be a Sentai fan.  


  1. Finally saw episode 28 of Gokaiger. It was both a homage and nostalgia that this episode was written and made. I am not a Jetman fan and I have saw most of the episodes.
    I liked how the writters kept the realism that Gai did died from his stabbing by Megasilver and it was almost a thank you gift that he went out to help the Gokaigers to use the Jetman powers.
    From the very beginning to the ending it was nicely filmed in the same bar that Gai hangs out in The Heaven Gate. From thne grave site where you see alot of gifts beared by his fellow Jetman to the park bench that he sat whatch the wedding where he died was a blast from the past. He plays his saxophone in the last scene.I wonder who could the girl in white be?


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